The CERN Technology Project 2016-20

About the project

The CERN Technology Project, covering the period 2016-20, has as focus three related areas: Accelerator Physics, the Norwegian Technical Student programme, and the Industry and Technology Transfer activities - all related to enhancing the CERN membership benefits and impact for Norway. These three central activities in the project are well integrated to address the declared major focus of the CERN related activities for the forthcoming period, namely to increase the number ofyoung scientists involved and trained, in particular students, in CERN related projects and at CERN. These students can be at master or PhD level, and this training is often the first step towards CERN recruitment posts, and as such the programme is also aimed at improving the Norwegian staff situation at CERN. Direct recruitment campaigns for students and potential staff are also included under the responsibility ofthe Industry and Technology Transfer area.
The project builts on experiences gained in previous project period 2012-2015 with direct focus on accelerator science with is the by far the largest activity at CERN, and including a PhD programme to bridge between master positions and CERN recruitment posts. CERN co—finances the studentgrants very significantly and only 1/3 ofthe costs are carried by this project.


Primary (general):

1) Promote Norwegian participation in international research projects at CERN with a particular emphasis on accelerator projects

2) Recruitment of master students and phd level students for research training at CERN

3) Exploit the CERN membership w.r.t industrial return, technology transfer and recruitment

Secondary (specific):

4) Development of new scientific instrumentation, in particular linked to accelerator project at CERN, but also related to detectors when appropriate

5) Financing of technology students from NTNU and a number of University Colleges, with a longer term goal of recruitment to CERN

6) Financing of an Industry Liaison/Technology Transfer Officer (ILO/TTO) to enhance Norwegian Industry return and support and develop technology transfer activities to Norwegian Industry

7) Coordination of participation in activities (at CERN and in Horizon 2020 projects) linked to development and exploitation of new research infrastructures


The Research Council of Norway

Tags: accelerators, research training, CERN, scientific instrumentation, technology transfer
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