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Safety representatives

We have safety representatives (VO) for both thematic- and physical safety zones at Dept. of Geosciences.

Term of office is 2019-20.

Leading Dept. Safety representative: Helge Hellevang

Deputy: Hans P. Verne

Thematic safety zones:

Psychosocial environment Hans Peter Verne, Senior Engineer
Educational environment Helge Hellevang, Professor
Field work (inclusive the 'mekke-room') Trond Eiken, Senior Engineer
Ergonomics & physical work environment, Geology building Gunn Kristin Tjoflot, Senior Adviser

Physical safety zones:

MetOs, Oslo Science Park Bjørg Rognerud, Senior Engineer
Labs in the basement and sub-basement, Geology building Gunborg Bye Fjeld, Principal Engineer
Labs in the 1. and 2. floor, Geology building Magnus Kristoffersen, Senior Engineer
Labs in the 3. floor, Geology building Kristian Backer-Owe, Head Engineer
Labs at CEED, ZEB-building Petter Silkoset, Head Engineer
GEO-PGP/Njord, Physics-building

Halvor Strøm, Head Engineer (FI)

Term of office for the representatives: 1.1.2019 to 31.12.2020.

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