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Meteorology and Oceanography

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Berge, Erik Associate Professor Meteorology
Picture of Terje Koren Berntsen Berntsen, Terje Koren Professor +47 22858771 Meteorology, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate Models, Black carbon
Picture of Jenny Bjordal Bjordal, Jenny Stipendiat +47 22856012 Climate change, modelling, economic impacts
Picture of Hans Brenna Brenna, Hans Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology
Picture of Nikki Brown Brown, Nikki Postdoctoral Fellow Oceanography
Picture of Eli Børve Børve, Eli Doctoral Research Fellow Oceanography
Picture of Tim Carlsen Carlsen, Tim Forsker +47 22855817 Meteorology
Picture of Kai Håkon Christensen Christensen, Kai Håkon Adjunct Professor +47 91734157 Oceanography
Picture of Robert Oscar David David, Robert Oscar Researcher Clouds, Holography, Ice nucleation, Meteorology
Picture of Håvard Espenes Espenes, Håvard Stipendiat Oceanography
Picture of Herman Fæhn Fuglestvedt Fuglestvedt, Herman Fæhn Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855717
Picture of Franziska Hellmuth Hellmuth, Franziska Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93971382 Meteorology, Snow, Clouds, Remote sensing, Climate modelling
Picture of Stefan Hofer Hofer, Stefan Postdoctoral Fellow Meteorology
Picture of Pål Erik Isachsen Isachsen, Pål Erik Professor +47 22855805 Oceanography
Picture of Emilie C. Iversen Iversen, Emilie C. Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology, Climate
Picture of Trond Iversen Iversen, Trond Professor emeritus Meteorology
Picture of Amandine Kaiser Kaiser, Amandine Stipendiat Meteorology
Picture of Lasse Keetz Keetz, Lasse Doctoral Research Fellow +47 462 98 525
Picture of Andreas Klocker Klocker, Andreas Postdoctoral Fellow Oceanography
Picture of Kirstin Krüger Krüger, Kirstin Professor Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmosphere Ocean Interactions, Atmospheric physics, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate, Climate change, Meteorology, Earth System
Picture of Joseph Henry Lacasce Lacasce, Joseph Henry Professor +47 22855955 Meteorology, Oceanography, Large scale dynamics, Turbulence, Lagrangian statistics
Picture of Marius Lambert Lambert, Marius Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855827 Arctic, Climate, Sea ice, Vegetation modelling, carbon cycle
Picture of Gaurav Madan Madan, Gaurav Stipendiat +47 96677083 Oceanography
Picture of Máté Mile Mile, Máté Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology, Numerical Modeling, Arctic
Picture of Kine Onsum Moseid Moseid, Kine Onsum Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology