Surface wave effects in the upper ocean and consequences for biological modeling (BIOWAVE) (completed)

The project aims at improving the mixed-layer dynamics of numerical models as applied for the physical forcing in ecosystem models. The wave-induced fluxes of momentum and energy are included, which give a more realistic description of the ocean currents and turbulent mixing in the upper layer of the ocean.


Improving the operational system for forecasting and monitoring of fish larvae transport


The Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( and the Institute for Marine Research (IMR) have a national responsibility for providing information on weather, ocean currents and sea state for planning and protection of the environment. Ecosystem models are used by and IMR to model, explore and monitor phytoplankton dynamics, zooplankton, fish eggs and larval growth, transport and spreading.


  • The Research Council of Norway, Program HAVKYST

Biowave started in 2010 and ends in 2012

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