Poleward-drifter trajectories (Ill: I. Koszalka, UiO)

About the group

Oceanography is from Greek and means okeanos 'the ocean' and logia 'to speak'

Mathematical models (analytical and numerical) of varying degrees of complexity are the main tool for a large part of our research. These range from idealized mathematical models to full complexity Earth Systems Models. But we also use a wide range of data in our studies, from surface drifters and subsurface floats, long-term current meters, satellite measurements and from ship campaigns. This range of activities helps makes oceanography such an appealing study.


The group has extensive collaboration with other institutes both national and international.  The collaboration involves research and training of Ph d students.  At present the following Ph d students are affiliated with the Oceanography group:

  • Marta Trodahl
  • Gaurav Madan
  • Anna Lina Sjur
  • Eli Børve, Akvaplan-NIVA
  • Håvard Espenes, Akvaplan-NIVA
Tags: Oceanography
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