CORR!A (completed)

Precise analysis of mass movements through correlation of repeat images.

The Research Council of Norway - project No. 185906/V30.

Slow mass movements such as ice flow, landslides, rock mass instabilities, rockglacier creep, or solifluction are fundamental earth surface processes. Quantification and monitoring of surface velocity fields on these features is a crucial prerequisite for process understanding, numerical modelling, hazard assessment, detecting of climate change impacts, engineering work and a number of other tasks. Remote sensing and photogrammetry techniques are particularly suited for measuring of terrain surface displacements due to the large spatial coverage they provide and the possibility to perform measurements without direct access to the object under study. The present project aims at developing a widely applicable methodology for precisely measuring surface velocity fields on slow mass movements on the basis of repeat image data. Focus will be on data from terrestrial, airborne and spaceborne imaging sensors such as photographic cameras, charge coupled device cameras, laserscanning or synthetic aperture radar. For that purpose a number of image correlation approaches will be compiled, implemented and evaluated. A set of pre- and postprocessing techniques for filtering and/or correction of input and output data will be developed. The main challenge within the latter workpackage will be to adequately handle different error propagation processes resulting from the different geometric properties of the sensors used. In order to ensure a wide applicability of the methodology it will be developed and tested in close contact with a number of partners from different scientific and application fields, both in Norway and internationally. Among others, collaborations and own experience will cover application fields such as glacier monitoring at local, national and global levels, glacier and claving dynamics, permafrost creep, frost action processes, climate change impacts on the aforementioned processes, land- and rockslides, geohazard assessment, and geotechnical engineering.

Published Aug. 26, 2015 4:32 PM