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Food Security Lessons from the Vikings

Farming practices of the Vikings and their ancestors could provide inspiration for resilient food systems today. A new study from the VIKINGS project, GEO, UiO exploring how Scandinavian societies adapted their agricultural activities in a period of European history marked by stark climate fluctuations. Read about their study in 'News by AGU'.

Photo of vikings agriculture taken from the living history setting of Fotevikens Museum in Sweden. Photo: Fährtenleser/Wikimedia

Viking and pre-Viking agricultural practices (here presented in the living history of Fotevikens Museum, Sweden) were influenced by climate and may help modern communities adjust to climate changes. Photo: Fährtenleser/Wikimedia

VIKINGS researcher Manon Bajard and her colleagues presented their study on how pre-Viking and Viking societies adapted their agricultural practices to a changing climate at the EGU General Assembly 2021. This study give fresh insights into how we can improve our future food security.

Read about their study in Eos – News by AGU:

  • Food Security Lessons from the Vikings, Eos – News by AGU, 29.6.2021
  • The article was also shared by several international news media desks like,, and more
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