The VIKINGS team at the EGU conference 2021

This April the VIKINGS team had seven presentations of research and new findings at The EGU General Assembly 2021. Also this year this conference was helt digitally due to covid-19.

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VIKINGS team contributions at EGU21

The EGU General Assembly is one of the main conference in Geosciences in Europe and in the world and gather thousands of scientists, professionals, students, and others every year.

The conference is organized by the European Geosciences Union (EGU). This year the conference went online, and took place in the period 19–30 Apr 2021. The conference included 18,155 scientists from 136 countries.

Researchers in the VIKINGS project had a total of 7 contributions at this years General Assembly 2021.

Presentations at the conference

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Adaption of agriculture to the climate between 200 and 800 AD. Presentation by Manon Bajard at EGU21. PPT illustration: Manon Bajard

1) Press release PC1. Improving food security: new techniques. Presentation on Mon, 26 April 16:00 CEST; by Manon Bajard.  

2) Bajard, M., Ballo, E., Høeg, H. I., Bakke, J., Støren, E., Loftsgarden, K., Iversen, F., Hagopian, W. M., Jahren, A. H., Svensen, H. H., and Krüger, K.: Climate variability controlled the development of the pre-Viking society during the Late Antiquity in Southeastern Norway. Presented at EGU21-8427.

3) Ballo, E. G., Bajard, M., Støren, E., and Bakke, J.: Using CT scans to count varves in lake sediments. Application to Lake Sagtjernet, southeastern Norway. Presented at EGU21-10075.

4) van Dijk, E., Gundersen, I. M., Bajard, M., Høeg, H., Løftsgård, K., Iversen, F., Timmreck, C., Jungclaus, J., and Krüger, K.: Large volcanic eruptions as a natural hazard: The impact of the 536/540 CE double event on the atmospheric circulation, surface climate, vegetation and society in Scandinavia. Presented at EGU21-12270.

5) Fuglestvedt, H., Zhuo, Z., Sigl, M., Toohey, M., Mills, M., and Krüger, K.: Modelling high-latitude explosive eruptions and their atmospheric and environmental impacts, Presented at EGU21-15780. 

6) Gabriel, I., Plunkett, G., Abbott, P., Óladóttir, B., McConnell, J., Hörhold, M., and Sigl, M.: Tephra in the Greenland Ice cores: Insights into Icelandic volcano climate impacts. Presented at EGU21-9187.

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Model comparison of volcanic aerosol forcing and climate impact of tropical and extratropical eruptions. Figure/Illustration by Zhuo, Z. et al/2021. 

7) Zhuo, Z., Fuglestvedt, H., Toohey, M., Mills, M. J., and Krüger, K.: Model comparison of volcanic aerosol forcing and climate impact of tropical and extratropical eruptions,

Presented at EGU21-15581.


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Programme General Assembly in Vienna, EGU 2021

Worldwide | 19–30 April 2021 | Organizers: European Geosciences Union (EGU)

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