The NUFU project follows the Vancouver guidelines for co-authorship. The Vancouver guidelines are a set of principles drawn up by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) to give guidance to authors and journals in the presentation of research and the criteria for authorship of articles.

The Uniform Requirements are published on the ICMJE's website.

Articles in peer rewieved journals:

Ngongondo, C., Xu, C-Y, Gottschalk, L. & Alemaw, B., 2011. Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Rainfall in Malawi, a case of data scarce region. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, , Volume 106, issue 1-2, pp 79-93,

NUFU Water Sciences Technical Reports:

Regional course on water quality (NUFU Water Sciences Tec. Report No. 2)

Regonal course on hydrological modeling (NUFU Water Sciences Tec. Report No. 3)


Hydrological analysis and modelling of water resources under changing climate in Southern Africa. Cosmo Socrates Ngongondo, dissertation for the degree of Philosofiae Doctor (Ph.D), University of Oslo, Norway, 2012
Groundwater salinity in lower Shire River valley (Malawi): Hydro-geochemical and isotope constraints on sources and evolution. Maurice Monjerezi, dissertation for the degree of Philosofiae Doctor (Ph.D), University of Oslo, Norway, 2012.

Groundwater modelling in the Chikwawa district, lower Shire area of southern Malawi. Media Sehatzadeh, MSc thesis, University of Oslo, Norway, 2011.

Meteorological and hydrological conditions leading to severe regional drought in Malawi. Per Alve Glad, MSc thesis, University of Oslo, Norway, 2010.

Preliminary study of the Stampriet transboundary aquifer in the south east Kalahari/Karoo Basin. Hadjira Peck, MSc thesis, University of Western Cape, South Africa, 2009.

Soil salinization on the floodplains of the Lower Shire River. Jorick Velema, BSc thesis, University of Twente, the Netherlands, 2008


Water Sciences Project to NUFU Board, Chancellor College 26 June 2007

Field work on the flood plains of Lower Shire, Malawi, May 2009


Groundwater Modeling in the Chikhwawadistrict, lower Shire area, in the southern region of Malawi, Sehatzadeh, M., Xu, C.Y. & Aagaard, P., Poster at NGU national seminar on hydrogeology and environmental geochemistry, 14-15 February 2011, Trondheim, Norway.

Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Seasonal and Annual Rainfall in Malawi. Ngongondo, Cosmo Socrates Abdul et al. (2010).


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