Career Development

To improve career support for young researchers at Centres of Excellence, the Hylleraas Centre initiated a career development pilot project (KUPP) in 2018.

KUPP (karriereutviklingspilotprogram) aims to:

  • raise awareness about an SFF’s role, responsibilities, attitudes, and targeted activities to support the career development of young researchers;
  • clarify the activities, services, and cultural norms in SFFs that will best support the success of young researchers and actively encourage their career responsibility;
  • identify improvements and changes that should be tried out and/or introduced.

As part of KUPP, one-day workshops were held at Lysebu on October 30 and November 27 2018 and at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on November 14 2019. Reports from the KUPP workshops and work in 2018 and 2019 can be downloaded here:

In early 2020, the University of Oslo approved the new Standards for UiO’s Career Support for Early Career Research, to which the 2018 KUPP report had provided important input. 

KUPP is an ongoing project of the Centres of Excellence in the Oslo region and more workshops will be held in future. The project is led by Senior Advisor Olaug Kristine Bringager at the University of Oslo (now independent consultant) and Trygve Helgaker, Director of the Hylleraas Centre. 

Published Nov. 23, 2018 9:14 AM - Last modified Apr. 27, 2020 1:10 PM