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We offer wide ranging and individualized math support to students enrolled at the Department of Chemistry, at two hours drop-in sessions arranged on a regular basis.


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Scientists at Hylleraas Centre teach students in maths and chemistry.

We welcome all chemistry and materials science students from the University of Oslo to the Hylleraas Math Help program. Our objective is to help students with their understanding of mathematics on all levels.

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Over the past years computational and quantum chemistry has emerged as one of the central branches of modern chemistry and materials science by offering a vast variety of tools for applications in academia and industry. It has become an indispensable part in the education of the next generation of chemists and materials scientists. Development and applications of both computational and quantum chemistry at the Hylleraas Centre requires a profound understanding of higher mathematics, in particular, linear algebra, functional analysis, Fourier analysis and numerical analysis. 

With Hylleraas Math Help, researchers at the Hylleraas Centre hope to share some of their mathematical understanding. They offer to help students at the Department of Chemistry. Their ambition is that the students will use their mathematical knowledge in chemistry.


Andre Laestadius

Andre Laestadius has more than 12 years experience of teaching mathematics on university level, including position as temporary senior lecturer at the Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University. 

Any enquires can be sent to math-help@hylleraas.no.



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