CCSS talk by Lukasz Mentel

The third Computational Chemistry Symposium Series (CCSS) talk will be given by Lukasz Mentel:

Insights into solid acidity and heterogeneous catalysis

The theory of acids and bases in solution is one of the most fundamental concepts in chemistry, however it's extension to the domain of solid state still faces considerable challenges. The insight gained by addressing those challenges can be used in rational design of more efficient heterogeneous catalysts for acid catalyzed reactions. As an illustration investigations related to the methanol to olefins process over microporous zeotypes will be presented.

The main purpose of CCSS is to create a broad, in-house forum with focus on computational chemistry; to enhance knowledge exchange and cooperation between the different communities, to serve as a unifying platform for influencing the development of CSE for chemistry, and to strengthen the voice of the chemistry communities at UiO towards Notur and the HPC units. The ambition is to host 5-6 such seminars annually.
Published Dec. 20, 2017 10:10 AM - Last modified Jan. 23, 2018 2:56 PM