Faraday Discussion "New Horizons in Density Functional Theory"

On September 2 – 4 2020, the Faraday Discussion "New Horizons in Density Functional Theory" was held as an online event, chaired by Hylleraas Adjunct Professor Andy Teale and sponsored by the Hylleraas Centre. The Faraday Discussion, which was originally planned as a physical meeting at the University of Cambridge, attracted nearly 200 participants.

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Prof. Andy Teale thanking the sponsors and members of the scientific committee at the opening of the Faraday Discussion. Photo: Trygve Helgaker

For over 100 years and 300 meetings, Faraday Discussions have been the forefront of physical chemistry. Many of these Discussions have become landmark meetings in their field. The Faraday Discussion "New Horizons in Density Functional Theory" brought together online nearly 200 researchers working on the development of density functional theory methods to examine today’s challenges.  

Link to the Faraday discussion homepage by The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Faraday Discussion featured 19 speakers, selected by the scientific committee. Before the meeting, each speaker prepared a research paper that was distributed to the participants before the meeting. At the meeting, most of the time was devoted to a discussion of these papers, following a five-minute introduction by the speakers. During the discussions, all participants had the opportunity to aks questions and comment on the papers. A record of the discussions will be published together with the papers in the journal Faraday Discussions.  

The meeting was divided into four sessions: 

New density-functional approximations and beyond

Challenges for large scale simulation

Strong correlation in density-functional theory

New approaches to study excited states in density-functional theory

These sessions were bookended by an introductory lecture by Weitao Yang and Concluding Remarks by Andreas Savin.

The speakers were selected by the scientific committee, consisting of 

  • Andrew Teale (Chair), University of Nottingham, United Kingdom 

  • Emmanuel Fromager, Universite de Strasbourg, France 

  • Paola Gori-Giorgi, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands 

  • Trygve Helgaker, University of Oslo, Norway 

  • Chris Kriton-Skylaris, University of Southampton, United Kingdom 

  • David Tozer, Durham University, United Kingdom

All sessions and discussions were chaired by members of the scientific committee.

The Faraday Discussion was sponsored by the Hylleraas Centre and SCM Software for Chemistry & Materials.

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