Norway-Japan symposium on theoretical and experimental chemistry of complex systems

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On March 15-16, 2022, at the Department of Chemistry, there will be two-days symposium titled "Norway-Japan symposium on theoretical and experimental chemistry of complex systems". 
It is part of a collaboration between the Hylleraas centre and three Japanese research groups lead by Professor Ehara (IMS), Professor Sakaki (Kyoto University), and Professor Kitagawa (Kyoto University).

All participants are required to register here. ( ← click ! NB: the link is disabled after symposium.  )  This symposium is free of charge. このシンポジウムへの参加費は無料です。

NB: We will have the hybrid webinar. All Japanese researchers will join by Zoom.  



March 15th Tuesday, Berzelius at Kjemisk Institutt


(CET): Central European Time
(JST): Japan Standard Time


8:00-8:05(CET), 16:00-16:05(JST) 9:00-9:05(Helsinki)

      Opening remarks: Professor Trygve Helgaker (University of Oslo, Norway)

chairman: Prof. Trygve Helgaker (University of Oslo, Norway)

8:05-8:45(CET), 16:05-16:45(JST) 9:05-9:45(Helsinki)

      Plenary lecture: Professor Susumu Kitagawa (Kyoto University, Japan)

      A world brought about by freely manipulating nano-space                                                           - Present and Future of PCP/MOF -

8:45-9:25(CET), 16:45-17:25(JST), 9:45-10:25(Helsinki)

      Plenary lecture: Professor Pekka Pyykkö (University of Helsinki, Finland)

      Running ab initio calculations in a predictive mode

9:25-9:35(CET), 17:25-17:35(JST) 10:25-10:35(Helsinki)

      Break (10 minutes)

chairman: Dr. Michiko Atsumi (University of Oslo, Norway)

9:35-10:15(CET), 17:35-18:15(JST) 10:35-11:15(Helsinki)

       Plenary lecture: Professor Unni Olsbye (University of Oslo, Norway)

      Elucidation of mechanistic details of catalytic reactions in nanoporous materials by        a combined experimental - computational approach

10:15-10:55(CET), 18:15-18:55(JST) 11:15-11:55(Helsinki)

      Plenary lecture: Professor Mitsuhiko Shionoya (The university of Tokyo, Japan)

      Coordination Asymmetry in Supramolecular Chemistry

10:55-11:00(CET), 18:55-19:00(JST)

      Japanese embassy in Norway

      Mr. Takenari Yamamori 

11:00-11:05(CET), 19:00-19:05(JST)

      JSPS Stockholm office

      Dr. Tadaharu Tsumoto  

11:05-11:10(CET), 19:05-19:10(JST)

      JSPS Almuni Club in Norway 

      Dr. Anders Overby 

11:10-11:15(CET), 19:10-19:15(JST)

      Photo time : at webinar on Zoom, and at in-person symposium in Oslo  


March 16th Wednesday, V205 at Kjemisk Institutt


chairman: Dr. Erik Tellgren (University of Oslo, Norway)

8:00-8:40(CET),16:00-16:40(JST) 9:00-9:45(Helsinki)

       Assoc. Prof. Minori Abe (Hiroshima University, Japan)

      Relativistic calculations of isotope fractionation in uranium chemical compounds

8:40-9:20(CET), 16:40-17:20(JST) 9:40-10:20(Helsinki)

      Dr. Michal Repisky (University of Tromsø The Arctic University of Norway, Norway)

      Exact two-component Hamiltonians for relativistic quantum chemistry:                            Two-electron picture-change corrections made simple

9:20-10:00(CET),17:20-18:00(JST) 10:20-11:00(Helsinki)

      Assoc. Professor Naoki Nakatani (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

     Linear response theory and 2nd-order perturbation theory on the DMRG                       wavefunction

10:00-10:10(CET), 18:00-18:10(JST)  11:00-11:10(Helsinki)

      Break (10 minutes)

chairman: Dr. Michiko Atsumi(University of Oslo, Norway)

10:10-10:50(CET), 18:10-18:50(JST)11:10-11:50(Helsinki)

      Dr. Abril Castro (University of Oslo, Norway)

      Computational NMR Spectroscopy of Complex Systems: The role of Relativity,              Solvent, and Dynamics

10:50-11:30(CET), 18:50-19:30(JST)  11:50-12:30(Helsinki)

      Professor Masataka Nagaoka (Nagoya University, Japan)

      A Computational Molecular Technology for Complex Chemical Reaction Systems:       Red Moon Methodology

11:30-13:30(CET), 19:30-21:30(JST)  12:30-14:30(Helsinki)

      Lunch break in Norway and Dinner break in Japan (2 hours)

13:30-14:10(CET), 21:30-22:10(JST)  14:30-15:10(Helsinki)

      Dr. Richard Blom (SINTEF, Norway)

      The use of MOFs as adsorbents for CO2 capture – what is needed?

14:10-15:00(CET), 22:10-23:00(JST)  15:30-16:10(Helsinki)

      Professor Pascal Dietzel (University of Bergen, Norway)

      Coordination polymers as versatile functional materials:                                                 Some examples of the effect of open metal sites, functional groups and flexibility          on properties

15:00-15:10(CET), 23:00-23:10(JST)  16:00-16:10(Helsinki)

      Closing remarks: Dr. Michiko Atsumi (University of Oslo, Norway)



We will organize the hybrid webinar. We will open the in-person symposium at Department of Chemistry in University of Oslo (Norway), and also the webinar symposium by Zoom.

Supported by

Hylleraas center, 

Japan Society Promotion science (JSPS 日本学術振興会)  Norway - Japan bilateral program,

JSPS Alumni Club in Norway.

Organized by Professor Trygve Helgaker, Dr. Erik Tellgren and Dr. Michiko Atsumi

                      Professor Shigeyoshi Sakaki (Kyoto University, Japan),

                      Professor Masahiro Ehara (IMS, Japan)


If you have any questions, please contact by email to

" michiko.atsumi  @ ". (Please remove the space in both sides of @ .)

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