RT3: Spectroscopic Processes

The goal of RT3 is to model the interactions between complex systems and electromagnetic fields in a wide frequency range.


Detection of the response of matter to electromagnetic radiation is one of the most important tools for unravelling the structure and properties of molecules, and can also be used to induce and control chemical reactions.

Complex surroundings may totally change these interactions. We will develop methods that can accurately and reliably describe advanced spectroscopic processes of complex systems.

In RT3, we plan to:

  • extend the OpenRSP and Wilson codes, for example, to identify secondary structures of biomolecules in their native environment 
  • develop models for describing dynamics at different time scales 
  • extend the capabilities of the London program to investigate the effects of laser pulses in the presence of strong magnetic fields 

Read more about RT3 in the original Hylleraas application (pdf).


Kenneth Ruud



Thomas Bondo Pedersen