Relevant information for PhD-Candidates

Before applying

When applying

  • Application form and guide (English)
  • Template for project description (pdf)
  • PhD-courses at IFI (Norwegian - English)
  • Mandatory notification of projects that will process personal data to the Norwegian Center for Research Data (NSD) (external link)

When admitted


Application forms

  • Application for changing the educational component (pdf)
  • Application for subjects taken as special syllabus (odt/doc)
  • Application for extension of contract (pdf)
  • Application for change of supervisors (pdf

Accounting and reporting of compulsory duties

  • Accounting and reporting regulations per 25.04.2018 ()
  • Accounting form for January - June 2018 ()
  • Accounting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General information

Third-semester reporting

  • Guidelines for third-semester reporting (pdf)
  • Form for third-semester reporting (pdf)

Accounting of compulsory duties for PhD candidates and Postdocs

Thesis, adjudication, public defence and Conferment

  • Information page at Matnat (English - Norwegian)
  • Application to have the dissertation assessed (odt)
  • Documentation of completed and passed educational component (odt)
  • Co-author declaration (doc/odt)
  • Doctoral Conferment (English - Norwegian)
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