PhD-Supervisor School

These are seminars for PhD-supervisors at IFI. It is of particular relevance for new PhD-supervisors but open for all PhD-supervisors at IFI.

The aims of the seminars include:

  • Establishing a common ground for PhD-supervision at IFI, including ambitions and expectations
  • Creating awareness and knowledge of institutions, processes, rules and regulations relevant for PhD-supervisors
  • Developing skills and competencies in PhD-supervision
Time&Place Topic
Upcoming events


13:15 - 14:30

Seminar on hiring PhD-candidates. Focus on relevant processes and regulations related to evaluation, hiring and admission to the PhD programme.
Previous events



Mandatory PhD-seminar on gender balance - part of the IFI seminar



The work of the adjudicating committee and the role of the third opponent/administrator

Introduction to regulations, norms, and procedures to follow when acting as the third opponent/administrator evaluating a PhD-thesis.

Maja van der Velden



PhD and ethics

Introduction to the research ethics and broader ethical issues related to PhD supervision and PhD projects


Maja van der Velden



How to talk about writing with PhD candidates

Åsmund Husabø Eikenes will offer insights on how to supervise in the writing process. Eikenes is a writing mentor at the Academic writing centre at UiO and is currently working to establish a new PhD-course MNKOM9010 (Communicating Science)



Processes, formalities and forms

Introduction to formal processes, formalities and forms.

PhD coordinators: Mozhdeh Harat and Pernille Adine Nordby

A light lunch will be served

REGISTRATION (please register before 18.04)




PhD-supervision: Institutional setting and expectations

Introduction to the PhD-programme at Matnat, what is expected from supervisors and open discussion on what supervision is and should be at IFI.

Head of PhD: Petter Nielsen

A light lunch will be served

REGISTRATION (please register before 21.03)