Knut Omang

Associate Professor - Digital infrastructure and security
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Mobile phone +47 41462210
Room 9163
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B None 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1080 0316 OSLO

Academic Interests

  • Virtualization
  • High speed interconnects
  • Software engineering aspects of developing complex systems
  • Network aspect of multimedia communication
  • Programming models for distributed shared memory
  • Distributed shared memory architectures
  • Scalable internet information systems


I am involved in teaching these topics in addition to supervising master students:

Master Thesis with me as supervisor

You can find more details of what types of master theses I can supervise here.

Open source activities

A long term interest for me has been virtualization and QEMU . I have been following QEMU development for a number of years and also done some development. I also have some other open source projects, or to become such, that I am working on, such as KTF (Kernel Test Framework), a unit test framework for the linux kernel. You can find the documentation here. I am also involved in various aspect of development of the Linux kernel. I keep a recent copy of a nicely formatted documentation for it here. You can find my personal Github page with KTF here.

Higher education and employment history

  • Dr.Scient (Ph.D) from this department (1998)
  • 1.amanuensis-II from 1998 to present.
  • Principal Software Engineer in Oracle as main position.

I currently work for the Linux Kernel development team in Oracle. This team works closely with the upstream community and is responsible for kernels delivered as part of Oracle Linux, Oracle's Linux distribution.

Before I joined the kernel team in Oracle, I have worked, mostly within development, for Oracle as well as a number of other companies, all with an international focus and market:

  • Oracle (2010-2016) lead developer for the Linux driver for a new Infiniband Host Channel Adapter (HCA), and a number of tools to support testing and development of both software and hardware in this project.
  • Paradial (2006-2010) developed solutions for NAT and firewall traversal for realtime applications. The company was acquired by Logitech in 2010.
  • Fast Search and Transfer (2001-2006) developed innovative search engine technology and competed with Google in the early days of web search, but later on focused on the enterprise market with tailored search solutions for businesses and large organizations. The company was acquired by Microsoft in 2007.
  • Scali (1998-2001) developed high performance cluster software. Scali was later acquired by Platform Computing.
  • During my Ph.D. I was involved with and did work for Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and as part of that I spent an exciting time with Sun Microsystems in Menlo Park California during the dot com boom.
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