PhD Theses


  • Institutional Work in Strengthening Health Information Systems in Fragmented Settings: An Action Research Study of Information Dashboards in East African Community and Indonesia. Wilfred Felix Senyoni (pdf).


  • Coordinating Patient Information in HIV/AIDS Care with Hybrid Health Information Systems: An Ethnographic Case Study from South Africa. Elise Østmo (pdf).


  • Understanding Conditions of Uncertainty in Disease Surveillance and Response in Burkina Faso: An inquiry into the sociological aspects of health information construction and use. Stine Loft Rasmussen (pdf).
  • Understanding the Role of Institutional Incentives in Shaping Data Quality and Information Use in Devolved Health Systems: A Case of Health Information System Implementation in Kenya. Ayub Shisia Manya (pdf).
  • Geodata Maintenance and Collaboration in GIS Implementation in Health Sector in a Developing Country Context: The Case of DHIS2 GIS in Malawi. Patrick Albert Chikumba (pdf)
  • Scaling ICT4D Sustainably: A Naturalistic Inquiry of District Health Information System (DHIS) 2. Elisabeth Fruijtier. (pdf)
  • Leveraging Open Source Software Platforms towards HIS Implementation in Developing Countries. Brown Chawanangwa Msiska. (pdf
  • MHealth systems, Transformations in Work and Implications for Sustainability. Esther Namatovu Landén. (pdf)


  • Design Principles for Health Information Infrastructures in Developing Countries. Thanh Ngoc Nguyen. (pdf)
  • FOSS as a Platform Ecosystem: Understanding governance of open source HIS implementation in a Low and Middle Income Country context. Roshan Hewapathirana. (pdf)
  • Designing architectural patterns for distributed flexibility in health information systems. Lars Kristian Roland. (pdf)


  • Training as a Means for Cultivating Communities of Practice around Health Information Systems. Pandula Siribaddana. (pdf)
  • Transformational Feedback: Breaking the vicious cycle of information use in Health Information Systems - A case from Malawi. Christon Mesheck Moyo. (pdf)
  • Empowerment: The invisible element in ICT4D projects? The case of public health information systems in India and Kenya. Arunima Mukherjee. (pdf)


  • Bottom-up Architecting of National and Regional Health Information Systems in Malawi and West Africa. Edem Kwame Kossi. (pdf)
  • Training as a Means for Cultivating Communities of Practice around Health Information Systems. Pandula Siribaddana. (pdf)
  • An Institutional Perspective on Health Information Systems' Standardization: Multiple Case Studies. Selamawit Molla Fossum. (pdf)
  • Producing the Agora: Appropriation of Health Information Systems in Developing Countries. Rangarirai Matavire. (pdf)


  • Health Information Systems Integration as Institutionalisation. Yahya Hamad Sheikh. (pdf)
  • Distributed Collaborative Practices in Resource Restricted Settings. Ethnographic studies from the Tanzanian Primary Healthcare Information System. Nima Herman Shidende. (pdf)
  • Grafting Information Infrastructure: Mobile Phone-based Health Information System Implementations in India and Malawi. Terje Aksel Sanner. (pdf)
  • Developing HIS Infrastructure: Negotiating Tensions to Design, Implementation, and Maintenance. Tiwonge Davis Manda. (pdf)
  • Development of Electronic Medical Record Systems for Maternal Health Services in Rural Settings. Marlen Stacey Chawani. (pdf)


  • Approaches for Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Maternal and Child Health Data from Rural Communities: Action-Case Studies from Tanzania. Caroline Ngoma. (pdf)
  • Open Generification: The case of District Health Information Software. Abyot Asalefew Gizaw. (pdf)
  • Exploring the Institutional Logics and Complexity of Health Management Information Systems Implementation. Ime Effiong Asangansi. (pdf)
  • Customization of Generic Open Source Software for Health Sector in Developing Countries: A Practice Based Approach. Zeferino Saugene. (pdf)


  • Harnessing community knowledge for health: Case studies from community health service and information systems in Ethiopia. Zufan Abera Damtew. (pdf)
  • Global Standards and Local Health Information Systems Applications: Understanding their interplay in the context of Tajikistan. Murodillo Latifov. (pdf)
  • Global Scaling of Health Information Infrastructures: Circulating Translations. Johan Sæbø. (pdf)


  • In Search of the Missing Data: The case of maternal and child health data in Malawi. Chipo Kanjo. (pdf)


  • From technology for information to information for local action: the role of participatory networks from case studies in India. John Lewis. (pdf)
  • Revisiting Networking of Actions and Knowledge Transfer:An Outline of Practice and Community Based Distributed Approach For Open Source Information Systems Implementation in Developing Countries. Cases from Ethiopia. Nigussie Tadesse Mengesha. (pdf)
  • Organizational Open Source in the Global South: Scaffolding Implementation Based Distributed Development. Knut Staring. (pdf)
  • Conceptualizing the Governance of Free and Open Source Software Development: A Framework Based on Case Studies of Three Software Projects in Norway. Zegaye Seifu Wubishet


  • Shaping Technology across Social Worlds: Understanding Learning Dynamics in Implementing Computerised IS in the Ethiopian Public Health System. Shegaw Anagaw Mengiste. (pdf)


  • A Complexity Inspired Approach to Co-Evolutionary Hospital Management Information Systems Development: Case studies from the "South". Vincent Shaw. (pdf)
  • Understanding and improving medical students’ exposure to health management in rural settings of Mozambique. Humberto Muquingue
  • Assessing the "window of susceptibility" in measels control: The case study from Mozambique. Jagrati V. Jani


  • The Interplay between Transformation in Everyday Work Practices and IS Design and Implementation Processes: Empirical Experiences From the Health Information Systems in Tanzania. Faraja Igira. (pdf)
  • Design-Reality Gaps in Open Source Information Systems Development: An Action Research Study of Education and Healthcare Systems in Tanzania. Juma Lungo. (pdf)
  • Understanding the global and local interplay of standards: The case of the Expanded Program on Immunization in Mozambique. João Carlos de Timóteo Mavimbe
  • Analysing Challenges and Opportunities of the Implemenation of e-Government Initatives for Development through the Lens of the Capability Approach: Case Studies from Mozambique. Gertrudes Adolfo Macueve


  • Decentralization and Sustainability of ICT Based Health Information Systems in Developing Countries: A Case Study from Tanzania. Honest Christopher Kimaro. (pdf)
  • Re-Thinking Technology Transfer as Technology Translation: A Case Study of Health Information Systems in Mozambique. Jose Leopoldo Nhampossa. (pdf)
  • Understanding Selves and Indentities of Information Technology Professionals: A Case Study from India. Marisa D'Mello
  • Understanding Organisational Implementation of (G)IS From a Human Response Development Perspective. Jyotsna Sahay
  • A Conceptual Framework of Information Infrastructure Building: A Case Study of the Development of a Content Service Platforms for Mobile Phones in Norway. Petter Nielsen. (pdf)


  • Understanding the Introduction of Computer-Based Health Information Systems in Developing Countries: Counter Networks, Communication Practices, and Social Identity: A Case study from Mozabique. Emilio Luis Mosse. (pdf)


  • Integrating Information Systems of Disease-Specific Health Programmes in Low Income Countries: The Case Study of Mozambique. Baltazar Gonçalo Mazungane Chilundo. (pdf)


  • The Challenges of Participation and Knowledge in GIS Implementation for Land Management: Case Studies from India. Satish K. Puri


  • Use and Design of Information Technology in Third World Contexts with a Focus on the Health Sector: Case Studies from Mongolia and South Africa. Jørn Braa
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