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Information Systems (IS)

We are interested in understanding and influencing the evolution of large-scale, complex information infrastructures, through empirical analysis and design interventions.

The common denominator in our research is an interest in the interplay between complex socio-technical systems, depicted through the concept of Information Infrastructures. See the group manifesto for more information.

The HISP project is concerned with issues such as Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D), Open Source Software (FLOSS) and Action Research through developing and implementing a health information system in a number of third world countries.

  • KINT project (From local breakthroughs in knowledge to integration in medical practice): a collaborative project betweem IFI, BI and OUS on the implementation of Tavi (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) which is a new minimal invasive treatment for severe heart disease.

The IS group is appointed an Emerging Top Tier Research Group by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. We are of course proud of the faculty's confidence in our potential to evolve into a future Center of Excellence (CoE).

The IS group has the ambition to establish a Norwegian Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo based on theorizing large scale and complex information systems: InfraGlobe. To reach this goal, we are carrying out a range of activities to engage our research community, as for example the series of seminars on "Innovation in Information Infrastructures".

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Group Head: Kristin Braa