Working Papers in Information Systems

Working Papers in Information Systems provides a rapid outlet for original research and work-in-progress being carried out by researchers in the Information Systems group at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo. It provides for the early dissemination of research, usually prior to its more formal publication elsewhere. Comments and feedback on the papers are welcome! 

The Working Paper series is currently edited by Petter Nielsen.

You can also follow and comment these working papers on Researchgate.


Entering and Organizing Engaged Information Systems Research

Magnus Li pdf
  WP5/2021 Digital Public Goods Platforms for Development: The challenge of scaling Brian Nicholson, Petter Nielsen, Sundeep Sahay and Johan Ivar Sæbø pdf
  WP4/2021 The Platformness of Digital Identity Platforms Silvia Masiero pdf
  WP3/2021 The Sociomateriality Debate Revisited. The Contribution of Assemblage Theory Ole Hansth, Jasmina Masovic and Bjørn Erik Mørk pdf

Managing IT in large organizations as Platform-oriented Infrastructures.  A Norwegian e-Health Case

Ole Hanseth and Bendik Bystad pdf
  WP1/2021 Beyond multi-sided markets: Managing the evolution of mobile payment and financial service platforms Ole Hanseth and Per Jonny Nesse pdf

Fluid Standards: A Conceptualization of the Changing World of Standards Based on a Case Study of an m-Commerce platform

Ole Hanseth and Petter Nielsen pdf
  WP3/2018 Platformization, Infrastructuring and Platform-oriented Infrastructures. A Norwegian e-Health Case Ole Hanseth and Bendik Bygstad pdf
  WP2/2018 Enabling knowledge structures to sustain ICT interventions Esther Namatovu and Sundeep Sahay pdf
  WP1/2018 ICTs and Health in Developing Countries: Understanding the role of Identity Esther Namatovu and Sundeep Sahay pdf
  WP4/2017 Epistemic Cultures of the Meningitis Surveillance System in Burkina Faso Stine Loft Rasmussen and Sundeep Sahay pdf
  WP3/2017 Handling Uncertainty in Disease Surveillance and Response Stine Loft Rasmussen and Sundeep Sahay pdf
  WP2/2017 Free and Open Source Software as Global Public Goods?: What are the distortions and how do we address them? Sundeep Sahay pdf
  WP3/2017 High Impacts on Education, Research And Practice Around Health Informatics: Longitudinal Case Analysis From Sri Lanka Pandula Siribaddana, Sundeep Sahay, Roshan Hewapathirana and Vajira Dissanayake pdf
  WP3/2016 The dynamics of complex sociomaterial assemblages: The case of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Ole Hanseth, Jasmina Masovic and Bjørn Erik Mørk pdf
  WP2/2016 Promoting Transparency and Accountability with District League Tables in Sierra Leone and Malawi Johan Sæbø, Christon M. Moyo and Petter Nielsen pdf
  WP1/2016 Generification as Ecology Petter Nielsen pdf