Scholarly Health Informatics Learning (SHI-Learning)

A student exchange programme 2017-2022 funding student exchange from Department of Informatics to South African universities and to internships in South Africa. It also funds students from South Africa to UiO. 

Norwegian student at fieldwork for her master thesis  testing with users

The available scholarships for UiO students for traveling to South Africa was used during 2017-2019, hence no more students from UiO can be admitted during the last year of this exchange program. 

Bachelor studies

Master and PhD

Staff at the Centre for Community Technologies, Nelson Mandela University.


can be carried out at HISP South Africa in combination with master studies. 

Students who have/will be supported from SHI-Learning

Lone Lægreid

Ingrid Viddal

Helene Isaksen

Mari Iversen

Norah Elisabeth Nguyen

Mari Lofthus Arnesen

Adrian Haga

Kim Sverre Hilton

Ingrid and Lone initiating the program with the staff of School of Public Health, University of Western Cape


SHI-Learning is funded by the UTFORSK scheme, covering academic cooperation with BRICS countries. UTFORSK is managed by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education - DIKU

General recommendations for students abroad

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