Reference page for completed master's theses

Title Author Supervisor(s) Date of submission
Formal Modeling and Analysis of the CANOpen Protocol in Full Maude Wenlu Zhang Ingrid Chieh Yu, Olaf Owe May 2014
Automated Composition of Refactorings Erlend Kristiansen Volker Stolz May 2014
Algebraic Component Composition in the UML Martin Harbu Bielecki Volker Stolz May 2014
Case Studies of Modeling Distributed Algorithms in ABS Daniel Rødskog Rudi Schlatte May 2014
Master Thesis Håkon Normann Olaf Owe, Cristian Prisacariu May 2014
Predicting bike-share usage patterns with machine learning Arnab Kumar Datta Volker Stolz November 2014
Implementing garbage collection for active objects on top of Erlang Sigmund Hansen Rudi Schlatte, Ingrid Chieh Yu December 2014
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