Process Modeling Based on Smart Home System Using JBoss

This research is aimed to go through the different aspects of modeling tool-JBoss, which is open sourced java platform for modeling and visualizing the business processes of smart house. This thesis typically tries to model the some aspects of smart home scenario; first, setting the lab with smart equipment to simulate smart house; second modeling the process inside the smart house based on scenarios of typical use of equipment. The depth of the study looks into use of different sensors inside the smart house like smart lights provided by the different vendors, wireless technology which makes these devices responsive to external stimuli, and use of some web services that understand the process and activities inside the smart home.

The research includes a comparative analysis between DCR graph and JBoss. The comparisons are made under exactly same simulating environment and scenario for both JBoss and DCR graph. The thesis does not focus on in-depth study of DCR graph, however the readers will have a good understanding of advantage of one tool over other. The research also focuses on depth understanding the limitations of each of these tools when tested under similar scenario. The study does not indicate the future of the tools in smart home modeling but gives a better insight over the possibilities of JBoss in smart homes of smarter future.


By Manoj Upadhaya
Published Mar. 3, 2018 10:51 PM - Last modified Mar. 3, 2018 11:05 PM