Completed master's theses (2020)

Title Author Supervisor(s) Date of submission

Efficient Persistent Vector Implementation for Rust

Araz Abishov Martin Steffen, Volker Stolz 1. June 2020

Automated Refactoring of Rust Programs

Per Ove Ringdal Volker Stolz, Martin Steffen 15. June 2020
Verifying EVA. Formal Verification of the software deciding Norwegian governmental elections Henrik Torland Klev Christian Johansen, Martin Steffen 15. June 2020
Developing an Access Control solution for IoT Gateways applied to Smart Home Care Ugur Bayram Christian Johansen, Hamed Arshad 16. Juli 2020
Compile-Time Reflection in Rust Asbjørn Gaarde Martin Steffen 15. Juli 2020
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