Master uke 2018 ``Reliable systems'' (PSY)

Short presentation of the research group Reliable Systems (PSY), its focus and research interests,  at the introductory week for beginning master students. A special focus is  on master level courses offered by the group, in particular those of the autumn semester starting now: Slides.


For an general overview over teaching offered by the group, covering all courses, not just the master level ones and not just the ones starting now see the corresponding  ``teaching''-page.


Suggestion of currently  open master theses may also be of interest for freshly starting master students.  Note: the list is typically updated with fresh ideas as conventionally, students sign up for a  particular topic not now, but later during or towards the end of the autumn semester (at which point the list will  include newer ideas).  Note that topics on the list can also be interpreted not as  handed out and set in stone, but as suggestions and starting points for a discussion, what can be one in the described topic and in which way. At any rate, a timely contact to clarify the ideas behind a suggested topic is part of choosing a topic (not just a administrative meeting to ``sign the papers'').

For an impression of what kind of topics are tackled when doing a master thesis within our group, you may also have a look at  a list of completed master theses. Note that also joint supervision with other groups or with industry is possible, and has been done before.

Tags: master program, PMA, PSY, Reliable Systems, master thesis, Pålitelige Systemer, master courses, master uke By Martin Steffen
Published Aug. 14, 2018 7:09 AM - Last modified Aug. 15, 2018 8:02 AM