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Gemini Centre on IoT at UiO

The motivation for the centre is to link and harmonize, with the best possible synergy effect, the activities within IoT of the participating organizations:

- SINTEF Digital

- UiO's Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 

- NTNU's Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering

This is the local UiO's page. Up-to-date information is on the main web page of the Centre.

Gemini centre on IoT at UiO


The purpose of the GEMINI Centre is to effectively build a larger Norwegian academic environment for IoT with the highest possible quality for both research and research driven innovation in meeting the need for the best possible solution to the IoT challenges in society and to contribute to new solutions that can increase value creation and profitability both for partners in industry and the public sector.There is a growing professional activity within the Internet of Things (IoT) in all participating organizations, as well as in businesses and governments, both nationally and internationally. The center will address the growing IoT market in general, and will especially emphasize technology development in relation to the needs of demanding industrial applications. Timely and secure access to IoT Infrastructure and IoT based services and data, and their utilization, are of interest to both the private and public sectors, as well as individuals, to support increased value creation, improved services, and to promote new development opportunities. List of centers is maintained by Sintef here.

    • eHospitals and Home Care
    • Critical Infrastructures design and monitoring
    • Security, Privacy, and Safety for IoT
    • Maritime IoT
    • Industry 4.0
    • Smart Transportation
    Enabling Technologies and Research focus areas
    • Networking and Wireless communication technologies
    • Human aspects in IoT
    • Modelling, Verification, and Simulation tools
    • Energy Efficiency and Green Computing
    • Positioning and navigation (indoor, outdoor, under water)
    • DevOps for smart IoT Systems


    All partners (SINTEF, UiO and NTNU) are actively involved in a set of national and international projects related to the Internet of Things, including health / medicine, agriculture, transport, food, energy and climate, and have research and innovation activities related to IoT, both directly aimed at more basic technological issues as well as against demanding applications in different sectors of society and industry.

    • IoTSec (Security in IoT for Smart Grids) -- UiO (@Johansen, Owe, Noll)
    • SCOTT (Secure Connected Trustable Things) -- UiO (@Noll, Johansen, Ramezani, Owe)
    • DILUTE (Fluid Service Abstraction for Large-Scale Cloud IoT Systems) -- UiO (@Taherkordi, Eliassen)
    • SmartNEM (Smart Neighborhood Energy Management) -- UiO (@Eliassen, )
    • ENACT (Development, Operation, and Quality Assurance of Trustworthy Smart IoT Systems) -- SINTEF
      "Development, Operation, and Quality Assurance of Trustworthy Smart IoT Systems"
    • Productive4.0 (Digitalizing the European industry) -- SINTEF
      "Electronics and ICT as enabler for digital industry and optimized supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle"
    • AutoActive (Tools and Methods for Autonomous Analysis of Human Activities from Wearable Device Sensor Data; NFR 2017-2021) -- SINTEF
    • SINet (IoT in the Arctic with Unmanned Vehicles and Satellite support) -- NTNU
    • ART (AI/ML for the management of Autonomous Resource-Constrained Things) -- NTNU
    • CPSlab@IFI (CPS Lab for Cyber Physical Systems at Institute for Informatics of UiO)

    Relevant courses and education

    • at UiO
      • UNIK4700, UNIK4750, UNIK4710
      • INF5140, INF5906, INF4140,
      • INF5040, INF5360, INF5870
    • at NTNU

    MSc opportunities

    Many topics related to Internet of Things exist which can be carried out within the Gemini Centre, both application and technical oriented, both with industry and use case. Internship possibilities exist in the companies that we collaborate with (or other related collaborators s.a. below).

    Contact any of the affiliated persons !

    Industrial Cooperations

    We are having collaborations with the institutions below :

    • Hafslund
    • eSmart Systems
    • DNV-GL
    • Schneider Electric
    • Statnett

    Participation in International communities

    • AIOT
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