IoT space

The goal of the IoT space is to research and develop software solutions and technologies that address IoT-specific networking challenges, middleware systems for integration and distribution of IoT services, software engineering aspects of IoT (e.g., design, programming and testing embedded IoT software), fog and cloud integration challenges, and security and privacy.  

We plan to be as broad as our projects, industry, or courses will require.
Minimal equipment for this space should contain the following devices:

Raspberry Pi: Is one of the key learning platforms for IoT. Raspberry Pi is a popular platform because it offers a complete Linux server in a tiny platform for a very low cost. Both beginners and professional developers will enjoy working and programming with Raspberry Pi.

Arduino: compared to higher exibility of Raspberry Pi in IoT programming, the applications written for the Arduino are rather basic and their focus is on interacting with the hardware devices and sensors connected to the Arduino board and transmitting data or receiving commands from another computer. We will interact with IFI’s Sonen which already have experience with Arduino.

Other IoT devices like Intel Edison or those devices used in the projects like IoTSec inside Smart Homes or for Smart Grids. Such devices we expect to be provided by the project of companies involved in those projects.

Published Mar. 29, 2017 10:36 AM - Last modified Mar. 29, 2017 10:36 AM