SymbioTracker – Autonomous Underwater Cable Locating System (completed)

Thematic Field: Renewable Energies

Expected project Duration: July - December 2013

About the project

Submarine power cables are vital components of any offshore energy structure, as they transport the exploited energy on to the onshore network. The inspection and identification of these cables has been identified as a costly and inefficient operation. These difficulties are even more complicated to overcome in the case of water depths larger than 40 m, since divers have a very limited time to stay underwater in such conditions. This is clearly a serious obstacle considering the large amount of cable kilometers involved in offshore renewable energy farms. In any case, an automated process must be established to perform these operations in order to cover the whole cable network in a cost efficient manner.

For power underwater cable owners who need to keep track of their precious asset in the inhospitable underwater environment, the SymbioTracker is an acoustic active device that provides means for fast and efficient location of underwater cables. Unlike competitors SymbioTracker is equipped with a unique energy harvesting system that provides unlimited energy autonomy in normal conditions. Other custom instrumentation can be added if required. By saving time and resources in the maintenance of their underwater cables, our customers will gain financial and risk management benefits together with a technical solution to address a problem that currently does not have a straightforward answer


KIC InnoEnergy (Iberia)


Published Oct. 11, 2013 2:59 PM - Last modified Nov. 22, 2016 3:08 PM