Digital Platforms for Disease Surveillance and Control: Best Practice Case Studies from Asia (DMgtAsia)

Under UTFORSK, HISP/IS has received funding support to build the design and development of digital health education modules for the following five course modules in collaboration with educational institutions in Norway, India and South Korea. The five modules are as follows:

  1. Public Health Informatics: Responsible institutions: IFI and SHE, UiO.
  2. Digital disease surveillance: Responsible institutions: JNU, India
  3. Digital global health policy: Responsible institutions: KAIST, South Korea
  4. Health Data analytics: Responsible institutions: BITS Pilani, India
  5. Outbreak and pandemic management: SCTIMST, India 

The broad aim of the project is for the responsible institutions will help develop the content of the modules in collaboration with Masters/PhD students from all the collaborating institutions who will travel to partners outside their country. The content which is developed for the modules will be digitized and converted to a digital health education module, which can be used by all the institutions involved in the project, plus they will be available for use by any other institution globally, for example, those in our HISP partner countries.

We are now trying to identify master students who would be willing to participate in this project and undertake fieldwork for their respective thesis. Those students who are interested can please contact Sundeep Sahay (sundeeps (at)

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