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Sednev-Lugovets, Anton Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Josefine Helene Krogh Selj Selj, Josefine Helene Krogh Associate Professor
Seljom, Pernille Merethe Sire Associate Professor
Selnesaunet, Gard Momrak Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Torbjørn Skauli Skauli, Torbjørn Professor +47 22842226
Picture of Tor Atle Solend Solend, Tor Atle Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Pål Grønstad Solheim Solheim, Pål Grønstad Principal Engineer 91155939
Sveen, Eivind Bekken
Sørby, Trond Arne Lecturer
Picture of Terje Tjelta Tjelta, Terje Associate Professor
Picture of Marit Tronstad Tronstad, Marit Administrative Manager +47 22842215 CENSSS
Picture of Øystein Ulleberg Ulleberg, Øystein Associate Professor +47 22845532 +47 99586453
Picture of Guillermo Andrés Valenzuela Venegas Valenzuela Venegas, Guillermo Andrés Postdoctoral Fellow +4797382720
Picture of Isabelle Viole Viole, Isabelle Doctoral Research Fellow AtLAST, Energy Storage, Energy systems, Hydrogen Storage
Picture of Oskar Vågerö Vågerö, Oskar Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Narada Dilp Warakagoda Warakagoda, Narada Dilp Associate Professor Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, computer vision, Robotics, Machine Learning, deep learning
Picture of Lewis Raymond Williams Williams, Lewis Raymond Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marianne Zeyringer Zeyringer, Marianne Associate Professor +47 22842204
Zhang, Shujun Associate Professor
Picture of Mari Øgaard Øgaard, Mari
Picture of Deniz Ölçek Ölçek, Deniz Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41264758 Neutron and gamma-ray detection technologies, In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), rover-borne sensors and systems, space instrumentation, deep space exploration
Ånonsen, Kjetil Bergh Associate Professor
Aardal, Øyvind Lund Associate Professor
Picture of Bjørn Lupton Aarseth Aarseth, Bjørn Lupton Doctoral Research Fellow +4795277616