KJM 5250 and 9250 spring 2020?

You are expected to know, remember and being able to use the knowledge obtained in KJM 5280 (5 study points) when taking KJM 5250 or KJM 9250

If you for some reason do not remember the content or have not followed KJM 5280 you ought to book NMR instruments and learn the content of the following documents on your own (except tuning and matching manually on the DRX 500 instrument). You are free to ask the nmr staff for 30 seconds of help now and then, but you will not be guided closely.




A new version of: https://www.mn.uio.no/kjemi/english/research/about/infrastructure/nmr/manuals/KJM%205280%20from%20Autumn%20%202018/5-kjm-5280-remote-processing.pdf will be made available before January 21st when KJM 5250 and KJM 9250 starts.  

The first day in the combined lab exercises and colloquiums will be dedicated to the content of the 2 first documents. 

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