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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Elijah Jeremiah Aller Aller, Elijah Jeremiah Head Engineer +47 22855623 Glass blowing
Alnes, Mari Endresen Head of Office
Picture of Mohamed Amedjkouh Amedjkouh, Mohamed Associate Professor +47 22857009 +47 90412166 Catalysis, Organic chemistry, Energy, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Niels Højmark Andersen Andersen, Niels Højmark Senior Engineer +47 22855431 +47 97697098 Physical chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Sharmala Aravinthan Aravinthan, Sharmala Principal Engineer +47 22856694 +47 97711103 Instrument responsible, SMN, Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Anne Margit Arntzen Arntzen, Anne Margit Head of Office +47 22857398 SMN
Picture of Erlend Aunan Aunan, Erlend Doctoral Research Fellow +47-90217255 Chemistry, Catalysis, SMN
Aurbakken, Einar Doctoral Research Fellow +47 47860304
Picture of Deniz Avsar Avsar, Deniz Doctoral Research Fellow +4915147723
Picture of David Balcells Balcells, David Principal Investigator, Senior Researcher Chemistry
Picture of Alessia Battigelli Battigelli, Alessia Associate Professor +47 22857077
Bennetsen, Jesper Senior Engineer +47 22855575 +47 97422772
Berg, Henriette Engen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Morten Berntsen Berntsen, Morten Senior Engineer +47 22855557 +47975336100 975 36100
Picture of Federico Bianchini Bianchini, Federico Principal Engineer +47 92888577 Bioinformatics, data
Picture of Victoria Ariel Bjørnestad Bjørnestad, Victoria Ariel Doctoral Research Fellow +47 94195496
Picture of Tilmann Bodenstein Bodenstein, Tilmann Researcher +47 50230236
Picture of Tore Bonge-Hansen Bonge-Hansen, Tore Associate Professor +47 22855386 +47 90121292 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Bow, John-Paul James Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92296757
Picture of Knut Breivik Breivik, Knut Professor II +47-63898000 Environmental analysis, Models, Organic contaminants, Persistent Organic Pollutants, POPs, Exposure, Environmental fate, Emission inventories, E-waste
Picture of Anders Brennhagen Brennhagen, Anders Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46947610 46947610
Picture of Manuel Carrer Carrer, Manuel Doctoral Research Fellow +393473960
Picture of Michele Cascella Cascella, Michele Professor +47 22855420 +47 96013736
Picture of Abril Castro Aguilera Castro Aguilera, Abril Researcher Computational Chemistry
Picture of Carmen Cavallo Cavallo, Carmen Researcher
Picture of Athanasios Chatzitakis Chatzitakis, Athanasios Researcher 45150893 SMN
Picture of Marita Clausen Clausen, Marita Principal Engineer +47 22844321 Teaching Laboratory
Cordara, Gabriele Senior Engineer +4757382 +47 97875073
Cordero Lanzac, Tomas Researcher +3465503978 Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Camille Marie Crapart Crapart, Camille Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +476378873854
Picture of Mihaly Andras Csirik Csirik, Mihaly Andras Postdoctoral Fellow +47 41377622
Picture of Xuemei Cui Cui, Xuemei Higher Executive Officer +47 22840664 +47 45171229
Culpitt, Tanner Phillip Postdoctoral Fellow +1608343306
Picture of Kirsti Ales Dalseth Dalseth, Kirsti Ales Administrative Manager +47 22850476 +47 93600036
Picture of Amir Masoud Dayaghi Dayaghi, Amir Masoud Researcher +47 22840657 +47-48678230 SMN
Picture of Thuy Lieu Thi Duong Duong, Thuy Lieu Thi Senior Executive Officer +47 22855447 Courses, Student and Academic Administration, Admissions, Fronter, Examination
Picture of Oddvar Dyrlie Dyrlie, Oddvar Head Engineer +47 22840655 +47 41574564 SMN, Instrument responsible
Picture of Odile Eisenstein Eisenstein, Odile Professor +33689337253 +33689337253 Chemistry
Emhjellen, Linn Katinka Susanne Shi Doctoral Research Fellow +47 91605056 SMN
Engebretsen, Alexander Melvold Environmental Analysis
Picture of Dag Øistein Eriksen Eriksen, Dag Øistein Senior Adviser +47 22854964 +47 94807505 Hydrometallurgy, tracers, isotopes, silicon, rare earth elements
Picture of Daniel Firth Firth, Daniel Postdoctoral Researcher Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Asbjørn Slagtern Fjellvåg Fjellvåg, Asbjørn Slagtern Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855562 +47 46815288
Picture of Helmer Fjellvåg Fjellvåg, Helmer Professor +47 22855564 +47 22227317 Energy
Picture of Christian Fleischer Fleischer, Christian 45275583 SMN, Chemistry, 2D Materials, Photoelectrochemistry, Supercapacitors
Picture of Behzad Foroughinejad Foroughinejad, Behzad Senior Engineer +47 22857378 +47 99040595 Electronics, Service, Instrumentation and Developer, Local Chief Safety Officer at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Picture of Øystein Foss Foss, Øystein Principal Engineer +47 22855533 +47 40549006 40549006 Laboratory work, Public relations, Communication, Service functions
Picture of Karoline Fægri Fægri, Karoline Senior Lecturer +47 22855427 +47 48025696 Student guidance, PhD, Programme descriptions, Admissions, Fronter
Picture of Carina Geiss Geiss, Carina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 97309907
Picture of Isabelle Gerz Gerz, Isabelle Doctoral Research Fellow +49151126085 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis
Picture of Erik Glesne Glesne, Erik
Picture of Cristiano Glessi Glessi, Cristiano
Picture of Magda Paulina Grabska-Makulus Grabska-Makulus, Magda Paulina Executive Officer +47 22855577 +47 90655878 Purchasing, Eco-online, Finance
Picture of Terje Grønås Grønås, Terje Senior Engineer +47 22854463 +47 98077787 Electronics, LabVIEW
Picture of Lise-Lotte Gundersen Gundersen, Lise-Lotte Professor +47 22857019 +47 93083692 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Gärtner, Anna Clarissa Higher Executive Officer +47 22844422 +47 97713838 PhD - programme, Disputations, Programme descriptions, Admissions, Student guidance
Picture of Carl Henrik  Gørbitz Gørbitz, Carl Henrik Director UiO:Life Science 90649069 +47 9064 9069 Chemistry, Biological chemistry
Picture of Audun Skau Hansen Hansen, Audun Skau Lecturer
Picture of Eddy Walther Hansen Hansen, Eddy Walther Professor +47 22855692 +47 41177385 NMR, China, Chemistry
Picture of Per-Anders Stensby Hansen Hansen, Per-Anders Stensby Researcher Solar cells, Thin films, Luminescence, Optics, SMN
Picture of Reidar Haugsrud Haugsrud, Reidar Professor +47 22840659 +47 99793155 SMN, Chemistry, Solid State Electrochemistry
Picture of Trygve Helgaker Helgaker, Trygve Professor +47 22855428 +47 95891254
Picture of Bjørn C Helland-Hansen Helland-Hansen, Bjørn C Senior Engineer +47 22855449 +47 91147974 Technical Management, Administration
Picture of Frida Sveen Hempel Hempel, Frida Sveen
Picture of Lars Kristian Henriksen Henriksen, Lars Kristian Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90913012 Nanomaterials, Nanoteknologi, Hydrogen
Picture of Julie Héron Héron, Julie Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Julie Hessevik Hessevik, Julie PhD Student - Inorganic materials chemistry +47 22857397
Picture of Marte Sofie Martinsen Holmsen Holmsen, Marte Sofie Martinsen Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Halvor Høen Hval Hval, Halvor Høen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48074288 SMN, battery, cathode
Haaber Junge, Nicolai Doctoral Research Fellow +46739629575 Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Alexander Håland Håland, Alexander Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92217706 DNOM, Environmental Chemistry, PTR-MS, Environmental Analysis
Picture of Gunnar Isaksen Isaksen, Gunnar Head Engineer +47 22855511 +47 90183961 Instrument responsible
Picture of Oleksii Ivashenko Ivashenko, Oleksii Researcher
Jensen, Martin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 95444642
Picture of Joakim Samuel Jestilä Jestilä, Joakim Samuel +47 93680283
Picture of Hedda Johannesen Johannesen, Hedda Senior Lecturer 92440849
Picture of Jan Ingar Johnsen Johnsen, Jan Ingar Head of Office +47 22854826 +47 90697762 Finance, Travel, VAT, Basware, Payment
Jørgensen, Sissel Head Engineer +47 22067300
Picture of Massoud Kaboli Kaboli, Massoud Senior Engineer +47 22854262 +47 98493769 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Georgios Kalantzopoulos Kalantzopoulos, Georgios Senior Engineer +47 40468502 +47-22855378 Catalysis, Inorganic Materials Chemistry, SMN, Microporous Materials, Sorption, Porous Materials, Synchrotron.
Picture of Pavel Karen Karen, Pavel Professor +47 22855590 Inorganic chemistry, Crystallography, Mixed valence
Picture of Stian Kogler Kogler, Stian Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93037737 +47 93037737 Mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, Biochemical analysis, Metabolomics, Organ-on-a-chip
Picture of Alexey Koposov Koposov, Alexey Associate Professor
Picture of Ute Krengel Krengel, Ute Professor +47 22855461 Chemistry, Biological chemistry, Life Science
Picture of Håkon Emil Kristiansen Kristiansen, Håkon Emil Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93888369
Picture of Susmit Kumar Kumar, Susmit Researcher 22857014 SMN, Nanotechnology, Thin films, Nafuma, Kjemi, Magnetism, Spintronics, Diffusion, Materials Science, PPMS, VSM, Cryogenics
Picture of Julie Nitsche Kvalvik Kvalvik, Julie Nitsche SMN, Atomic Layer Deposition, Solar cells, Luminescence, XRF
Picture of Kristian Breivik Kvamme Kvamme, Kristian Breivik Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859097 +47 92856646
Picture of Karoline Kvande Kvande, Karoline Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90706663 SMN, Catalysis, Chemistry
Picture of Per Olav Kvernberg Kvernberg, Per Olav Head Engineer +47 22855418 +47 91142477 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Simen Kvaal Kvaal, Simen Researcher +47 22857255 +47 90199552 manybody theory, density functional theory, coupled cluster theory, Theoretical chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Mustafa Sæterdal Kømurcu Kømurcu, Mustafa Sæterdal Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Picture of Nico König König, Nico Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, Catalysis, XRD
Picture of André Filip Johannes Carlzon Laestadius Laestadius, André Filip Johannes Carlzon Researcher +47 40337236
Picture of Eva Kathrin Lang Lang, Eva Kathrin Adviser +47 22854022 +47 90703471 Catalysis, Chemistry, SMN, TeamSMN
Languille, Baptiste Postdoctoral Fellow +33675685714 +33675685714
Picture of Morten Ledum Ledum, Morten Doctoral Research Fellow +47 40243948
Picture of Xinmeng Li Li, Xinmeng Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Karl Petter Lillerud Lillerud, Karl Petter Professor +47 22855457 +47 98685018 Energy, SMN, Catalysis, Chemistry
Picture of Kjell Rune Lind Lind, Kjell Rune Principal Engineer +47 93032844 Instrument workshop
Picture of Xin Liu Liu, Xin Researcher +47 48679385 SMN
Picture of Reidar Lund Lund, Reidar Associate Professor +47 22855508 +47 90914138 Soft Matter
Picture of Elsa Lundanes Lundanes, Elsa Professor +47 22855553 +47 91166382 Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Mahika Luthra Luthra, Mahika Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sverre Løyland Løyland, Sverre Doctoral Research Fellow +47 45420559 Mass spectrometry, Sonochemistry, Physical chemistry, Spectroscopy
Ma, Quanbao +47 22840938 +47 91263877 SMN
Picture of Reshma Madathil Madathil, Reshma Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Mahmood, Asif Researcher +47 22840657 +47 92541146 SMN
Picture of Dariusz Makulus Makulus, Dariusz Principal Engineer +47 22855469 +47 91725145 +47 91725145
Picture of Elina Melteig Melteig, Elina Adviser +47 22844304 +47 90561361 Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN, Communication
Picture of el Houssine Merrachi Merrachi, el Houssine Senior Engineer +47 22857437 +47 66994954 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Inge Mikalsen Mikalsen, Inge Principal Engineer +47 22857395 +47 90181548 Instrument workshop
Picture of Tomas Mikoviny Mikoviny, Tomas Senior Engineer +47 22856342 +47 90515081
Picture of Thea Fossum Moen Moen, Thea Fossum Higher Executive Officer +47 22844226 +47 98407555
Picture of Magnus Mortén Mortén, Magnus Chemistry, Catalysis, SMN
Picture of Eirik Nøst Nedkvitne Nedkvitne, Eirik Nøst Doctoral Research Fellow +47 97736092 +47 97736092
Picture of Claus Jørgen Nielsen Nielsen, Claus Jørgen Professor emeritus Physical chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Atmospheric Chemistry
Picture of Ola Nilsen Nilsen, Ola Professor +47 22855558 +47 99476424 99476424 Chemistry, Inorganic materials chemistry, Energy
Picture of Maja Nipen Nipen, Maja Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90776138 90776138
Picture of Truls Norby Norby, Truls Professor +47 22840654 Chemistry, Solid State Electrochemistry, Solid State Ionics, Materials Science and Technology, Chemistry, Renewable energy, Nanotechnology, Electroceramics, Defect Chemistry, Fuel cells, Gas separation membranes, Proton conductors, Hydrogen, SMN
Picture of Ainara Nova Flores Nova Flores, Ainara Researcher +47 22858149
Picture of Benedicte Sverdrup Ofstad Ofstad, Benedicte Sverdrup +47 41110449
Picture of Unni Olsbye Olsbye, Unni Professor +4722855456 unni.olsbye(at) Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy
Picture of Christine Olsen Olsen, Christine Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90718613 90718613
Picture of Jon Petter Omtvedt Omtvedt, Jon Petter Professor +47 22855439 +47 95783857 95783857 Nuclear chemistry
Picture of Jon Petter Omtvedt Omtvedt, Jon Petter Professor +47 22855439 +47 95783857 Nuclear chemistry
Picture of Thomas Bondo Pedersen Pedersen, Thomas Bondo Professor +47 22857182 +47 94978990 +47 94978990 Coupled cluster theory, Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Modelling and simulation, Quantum chemistry
Peeters, Sara Doctoral Research Fellow +47 95012374
Picture of Manimuthu Periyasamy Periyasamy, Manimuthu Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857014 +47-40980076 Materials synthesis, Layered perovskites, Magnetic and transport studies, PPMS, SMN, Nafuma, kjemi
Picture of Laurens Peters Peters, Laurens Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Dirk Petersen Petersen, Dirk Senior Engineer +47 22858267 +47 47011095 Instrument responsible, NMR spectroscopy, NMR, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Picture of Karen Pettersson Pettersson, Karen Higher Executive Officer +47 22854328 +47 91515665 Research support, TeamSMN, SMN, Nafuma
Picture of Felix Maximilian Piel Piel, Felix Maximilian Postdoctoral Fellow +47 48450542
Picture of Jonathan Polfus Polfus, Jonathan Associate Professor Materials Science and Technology, Solid State Electrochemistry, Solid State Ionics, Defect Chemistry, Electroceramics, 2D Materials, density functional theory, SMN
Picture of Vajeeston Ponniah Ponniah, Vajeeston Researcher +47 22855613 SMN, Inorganic materials chemistry
Picture of Sebastian Prodinger Prodinger, Sebastian Postdoctoral Fellow SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Thomas Håbu Qureishy Qureishy, Thomas Håbu Researcher
Picture of Zeljka Raskovic-Lovre Raskovic-Lovre, Zeljka Head Engineer +47 96655168 Radiation Protection Coordinator, radiation protection, Nuclear chemistry, teaching
Picture of Ponniah Ravindran Ravindran, Ponniah Researcher 22 85 56 06 SMN, Inorganic materials chemistry
Picture of Evgeniy  Redekop Redekop, Evgeniy Researcher +47 22855451 Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy
Picture of Simen Reine Reine, Simen Senior Engineer +47 22858149 +47 93071096 Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry
Picture of Frode Rise Rise, Frode Professor +47 22 85 54 48 (This phone is physically broken) +47 930 83 685 Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, NMR, Metabolomics, Structure elucidation by NMR, Antioxidants, Brain metabolism, Cancer
Picture of Patrick Riss Riss, Patrick Professor +4795028669 +4795028669
Picture of Giuseppe Rotunno Rotunno, Giuseppe SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis, CONFINE
Picture of Mauritz Ryding Ryding, Mauritz Senior Engineer +47 22855677 +47 46520326
Picture of Hanne Røberg-Larsen Røberg-Larsen, Hanne Associate Professor +47 22855587 +47 90020101 Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Alexander Harald Sandtorv Sandtorv, Alexander Harald Associate Professor +47 22844319 Organisk kjemi, Organisk syntese, Organic chemistry
Sannes, Dag Kristian Doctoral Research Fellow +47 91717083 +47-91717083 Chemistry, Catalysis, SMN
Picture of Johnny Andreas Sannes Sannes, Johnny Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47 91717868
Picture of Bent Wilhelm Schoultz Schoultz, Bent Wilhelm Researcher +47 22855705 +47 48068924 +47-48068924
Picture of Samiran Sen Sen, Samiran Doctoral Research Fellow Molecular biology, Molecular dynamics, Method Development, Chemistry, Simulations, bio-molecular systems
Picture of Vladyslav Shostak Shostak, Vladyslav Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92513347 Catalysis, Chemistry, SMN, TAP
Picture of Anja Olafsen Sjåstad Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen Professor +47 22855848 Chemistry, Inorganic materials chemistry
Picture of Frøydis Sved Skottvoll Skottvoll, Frøydis Sved Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98664744 + 47 98 66 47 44
Picture of Anne-Marie Skramstad Skramstad, Anne-Marie Senior Engineer +47 22855527 +47 22234492 Instrument responsible
Picture of Bjørn Gading Solemsli Solemsli, Bjørn Gading Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48309596 Heterogeneous catalysis, Testing, Characterization, SMN, Katalyse, iCSI
Picture of Thomas Nordbø Solvi Solvi, Thomas Nordbø Doctoral Research Fellow +47 48225828 48225828 Organic chemistry, NMR, Synthetic organic chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Runar Staveli Staveli, Runar Head Engineer +47 22855581 +47 47279787 Finance, Purchasing
Picture of Ragnar Strandbakke Strandbakke, Ragnar Researcher +47 22840660 SMN
Picture of Stian Svelle Svelle, Stian Professor +47 22855454 +47 90126878 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy
Picture of Katja Sofie Støren Sverdlilje Sverdlilje, Katja Sofie Støren Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855605 +47 96910909 9691 0909
Picture of Henrik Hovde Sønsteby Sønsteby, Henrik Hovde Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855617 +47 92097702
Picture of Henrik Vinther Sørensen Sørensen, Henrik Vinther Doctoral Research Fellow Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Life Science
Picture of Terje Sørhaug Sørhaug, Terje Principal Engineer +47 22857385 +47 90206978 Local IT support
Picture of Andrew Michael Teale Teale, Andrew Michael Associate Professor Theoretical chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Erik Ingemar Tellgren Tellgren, Erik Ingemar Researcher +47 97406408 Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry
Picture of Tom Egil Thorsen Thorsen, Tom Egil Senior Engineer +47 22855467 +47 48102961 Electronics
Picture of Rasmus Vester Thøgersen Thøgersen, Rasmus Vester Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90182759 901 82 759 Batteries, cathodes, DFT, structural chemistry
Picture of Mats Tilset Tilset, Mats Professor +47 22855502 +47 97181498 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy
Picture of Alok Mani Tripathi Tripathi, Alok Mani +47 22858637 +47 92518272
Picture of Svein Tveit Tveit, Svein Lecturer +47 22855536 +47 40827109
Picture of Einar Uggerud Uggerud, Einar Professor, Head of Department 22855537 Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Picture of Line Altern Halvorsen Valbø Valbø, Line Altern Halvorsen Head of Office +47 22855472 +47 93661330 Payment, Finance, Human resources administrastion, Health safety and environment, Organizational development, Appointments, Strategy, Annual plan, Working environment, Budget
Valldor, Björn Martin Associate Professor +47 22855676 +49176226581 Inorganic materials chemistry, Crystallography, Magnetism, Optics, Chemical Exploration
Vijayan Sobhana, Dilimon SMN
Picture of Rolf David Vogt Vogt, Rolf David Professor +47 22855696 +47 66981396 Physical chemistry, Climate change, Eutrophication, Aluminium, Biogeochemistry, Chemistry, Natural organic matter, Heavy metals, Acid Rain, Water pollution, China, Soil chemistry, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry
Picture of Harald Johan Walderhaug Walderhaug, Harald Johan Professor +47 22855588 +47 46428178 Polymers - organic materials
Picture of James Walker Walker, James Apprentice +47 22856306 +47 41365659
Picture of Steven Ray Haakon Wilson Wilson, Steven Ray Haakon Professor +47 22844325 +47 97010953 97010953 Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry
Picture of Julia Wind Wind, Julia +47 2284 4418 SMN
Picture of Armin Wisthaler Wisthaler, Armin Professor +47 22859139 +47 93967173 Atmospheric Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, PTR-MS
Picture of David Stephen Wragg Wragg, David Stephen Senior Engineer +47 22858232 +47 46261815 Inorganic materials chemistry, SMN
Picture of Solveig Wulff Wulff, Solveig Research Technician - Technical staff +4797722523 RPC, Radiation Protection Coordinator
Picture of Kaiqi Xu Xu, Kaiqi Postdoctoral Fellow +47 48671413 48671413 SMN, Electrochemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Sigurd Øien-Ødegaard Øien-Ødegaard, Sigurd Researcher +47 22855451 +47 90545313 SMN, Catalysis, KJM1101
Picture of Lina Bolli Aarsbog Aarsbog, Lina Bolli Principal Engineer +47 22855541 +47 95491622