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Room ØU40
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 26 Kjemibygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1126 Blindern 0318 OSLO
Other affiliations The International Summer School (Student)

At the University of Oslo, I am investigating the kinetics of alkene methylation catalyzed by nanoporous solid Brønsted acids such as zeolites and aluminophosphates. Alkene methylation steps are crucial for the chemistry of Methanol-To-Olefins (MTO) and Methanol-To-Hydrocarbons (MTH) catalytic processes by which methanol, a promising platform molecule, can be converted to value added chemicals and fuels. Our group investigates these reactions by combining ab initio modeling, materials synthesis, and kinetic characterization.

We are developing predictive structure-activity dependencies in a series of controlled "one-parameter variation" studies, which are expressed by a set of simple catalyst descriptors. In parallel, we are developing the methodology of time-resolved kinetic characterization beyond the state-of-the-art to better understand the relationships between materials' nanostructures and their reactivity towards gas molecules. To this goal, I am curating the development and operation of the Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP) facility at UiO.

Tags: Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy


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Colin P. White, Janet Braddock-Wilking, Joyce Y. Corey, Evgeniy Redekop, et al., Activation of Group 14 El-H Bonds at Platinum(0), Organometallics, 2007, 26,

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