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The Department of Chemistry is a driver in the international research front, in topics such as drug synthesis, catalysis, computational chemistry and materials chemistry.

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Professor Unni Olsbye from the Department of Chemistry, winner of the UiO Innovation Award 2017


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Trygve Helgaker is one of the winners of the The Research Council of Norway's award for outstanding research. Foto: Gunhild M. Haugnes/UiO


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Young researchers. Here is one of tomorrow's researchers, master's student Mathilde Ingeborg Nilsen Verne. Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther.


Researchers at the Department of Chemistry have strong national and international collaborations, often in the form of research centers supported by the Research Council of Norway and the EU.

We work with everything from groundbreaking basic research to research-based collaborations with businesses and industry. The Department of Chemistry is also concerned with disseminating our research to society, both through nationwide newspapers, lectures and podcasts.

Read more about our research groups here.

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