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Becher, Georg Biomonitoring, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Environment and climate, Organic environmental toxicants, Chemistry, Human exposure assessment
Picture of Tore Benneche Benneche, Tore Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Picture of Thor Bjørnstad Bjørnstad, Thor +47 22855483 Nuclear chemistry
Picture of Tyge Greibrokk Greibrokk, Tyge Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry
Picture of Truls Øystein Grønneberg Grønneberg, Truls Øystein School laboratory, Chemical education, Curriculum, Assesments, Experiments, Teaching materials
Picture of Finn Knut Hansen Hansen, Finn Knut Polymers - organic materials, Surface chemistry, Nano materials
Picture of Pavel Karen Karen, Pavel Inorganic chemistry, Crystallography, Mixed valence
Picture of Stein Emanuel Kolboe Kolboe, Stein Emanuel
Picture of Karl Petter Lillerud Lillerud, Karl Petter Professor +47 22855457 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy
Lund, Walter Bioanalytisk kjemi
Picture of Arvid Mostad Mostad, Arvid
Picture of Claus Jørgen Nielsen Nielsen, Claus Jørgen Professor emeritus Physical chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Atmospheric Chemistry
Picture of Bo Ørjan Gunnar Nystrøm Nystrøm, Bo Ørjan Gunnar Polymers - organic materials
Picture of Bjørn Pedersen Pedersen, Bjørn
Roots, Jaan Erik Polymers - organic materials
Picture of Svein Samdal Samdal, Svein
Picture of Hans Martin Seip Seip, Hans Martin +47 22855401 Environmental Analysis
Picture of Kjell Undheim Undheim, Kjell Synthesis and molecular structures, Organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry