Disputation: Bjørn Helge Morland

Msc. Bjørn Helge Morland at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, is defending the thesis “Corrosion in CO2 transport pipeline. Formation of corrosive phases in dense phase CO2” for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

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Bjørn Helge Morland

Trial lecture

January 10th, 10:15 AM, Auditorium 3, Kjemibygningen


''How to select suitable materials for Geothermal energy systems having CO2 containing brines''?


Conferral summary

Denne studien fokuserte på forurensinger som kan være tilstede i CO2 som skal bli transportert i karbonstålrør eller skip til lagring. Syrer vil bli dannet dersom konsentrasjonene av forurensningen blir høy og integriteten til transportsystemet kan bli truet av korrosjon og fortetning. Grenseverdier og reaksjoner vil bli presentert i denne avhandlingen.

Carbon capture and storage is suggested as one of the solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Material choice is an important part for the total cost of the transport system for CO2. Although cost-considerations make carbon steel a clear material candidate for construction of the transportation system, it is also important to ensure that the integrity is maintained throughout the lifetime.

The present work comprises investigations of corrosive situations which could occur during transport of CO2 for injection to reservoirs. As CO2 with various combinations and concentrations of impurities were tested in a systematic manner, it was clear that combinations from established CO2 transport recommendations resulted in formation of a separate aqueous phase that contained high concentrations of sulfuric and nitric acid. However, many new impurity combinations were basically inert and could be considered safe to transport in carbon steel pipelines.

Altogether, the present work has identified many important aspects of corrosion and chemical reactions for CO2 transport. This results in a better understanding of the processes that leads to corrosion and is needed for the making of a CO2 specification which ensure the integrity of pipelines or ships.




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