Disputation: Britt Paulsen

Msc. Britt Paulsen at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, is defending the thesis « Total Synthesis of Agelasine F and Synthesis towards ent-Ageloxime D: Two Natural Products with Interesting Biological Activities » for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.


Britt Paulsen


The University of Oslo is still partly closed due to the Pandemic. The Disputation will therefore be live streamed using Zoom. 
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Trial lecture

Title: «Recent Developments in Multicomponent Synthesis»

Recorded Trial lecture

Conferral summary

I en verden med stadig økende resistensproblematikk er det viktig å finne nye potensielle medisiner for å bekjempe dette. Sekundære metabolitter fra svamper i havet er gode kandidater for å finne stoffer med biologisk aktivitet, og i denne oppgaven har to slike stoffer blitt syntetisert: agelasine F og ent - ageloxime D.

Main research findings

The work described in this thesis has focused on total synthesis directed towards two different classes of secondary metabolites isolated from the Agelas sponge, ageloxime D and analogs, and agelasine F. Ageloximes were reported to be 7,9 - dialkylpurinium salts carrying a diterpenoid side chain in the 7- position and a hydroxylamine substituent in the 6-position, whereas the agelasines lack the hydroxyl group at N6. There are no reported syntheses of ageloximes, and therefore a synthetic strategy was established. The compounds were tested for biological activity and ent-ageloxime D and geranylgeranyl-ageloxime displayed high activity against the protozoa causing leishmaniasis and Chagas disease in addition to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Agelasine F was synthesized starting from (S) - carvone, and the synthesis of the side chain focused on avoiding and improving some key steps from the previously reported total synthesis of the enantiomer of agelasine F. This compound has shown interesting activity against some drug resistant strains of M. tuberculosis in vitro and also inhibition of Na, K - ATPase.


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