Disputation: Xinyu Li

MSc. Xinyu Li at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, is defending the thesis   «Na-Based Layered Tellurate Na2M2TeO6 (M = Zn, Mg): Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Na+ Ion Diffusion » for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

Bildet av kandidaten.


Due to the ongoing Pandemic, the Disputation will be held digital using Zoom. The Chair of Defence will lead the Disputation and the Defence technician will solve technical issues.

Ex auditorio questions: The Chair of Defence will invite the audience to ex auditorio questions. These can be asked orally, by clicking "Participants - Raise hand" in the Zoom menu. The Zoom-host will grant you to speak in the meeting. 

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Order the Dissertation as PDF from this email address with the name of the Candidate: a.c.gartner@kjemi.uio.no


Trial lecture


"A Solid Future for All Solid State Batteries? Technological challenges to be addressed by materials chemistry"

Video of Trial lecture

Conferral summary

Solid-state elektrolytter kan realisere alle solid-state natriumionbatterier som neste generasjons energilagringsenheter. Å utforske nye solid-state elektrolytter med overlegen Na+ ion ledningsevne er avgjørende. Dette arbeidet bidrar til å utforske nye solid-state elektrolytter med hensyn til deres synteseprotokoller, krystallstrukturer og diffusivitet.

Main research findings

Among the contenders in the next generation energy storage devices, all solid-state sodium ion batteries (SIBs) have been particularly promising due to their potential in high safety, high energy density and low-cost. Solid-state electrolytes are the most vital component in all solid-state SIBs, as they determine the power density and long-term stability. One of the obstacles that hinders the development of all solid-state SIBs is the shortage of solid-state electrolytes with superior conductivity. Hence, this thesis focuses on exploring new solid-state electrolytes for SIBs, with emphasis on synthesis, crystal structure descriptions and Na+ ion diffusion in a class of Na-based layered conducting oxides, primarily using methods like Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction and Density Functional Theory and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. This work contributes to identifying potential solid-state electrolytes, and provide a basis for developing new battery materials with improved performance.





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