Disputation: Cristiano Glessi

MSc. Cristiano Glessi at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, is defending the thesis «Gold-NHC Complexes for Vacuum Deposition Applications: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications in FEBID» for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

Bildet av kandidaten.


Due to the ongoing Pandemic, the Disputation will be held digital using Zoom. The Chair of Defence will lead the Disputation and the Defence technician will solve technical issues.

Ex auditorio questions: The Chair of Defence will invite the audience to ex auditorio questions. These can be asked orally, by clicking "Participants - Raise hand" in the Zoom menu. The Zoom-host will grant you to speak in the meeting. 

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Order the Dissertation as PDF from this email address. Please add name of Candidate: a.c.gartner@kjemi.uio.no

Trial lecture

Title: "Photoredox reactions in organic synthesis"

Recorded video of Trial lecture

The link will be active the day before the Defence. 

Conferral summary

3D gull nanostrukturer kan oppnås ved hjelp av direkte-skriv avsetningsteknikken FEBID. Gullbaserte forløpere som inneholder karben-baserte ligander er syntetisert og brukt til avsetning av 3D-nanostrukturer. Det ble funnet en signifikant sammenheng mellom strukturen til gullkompleksene og egenskapene til nanodepositene.

Main research findings

Direct print of 3D nanomaterials could be an advantageous way to obtain nanostructures to be applied in sensing and electronic components production. In this work, the full pathway of production of 3D nanostructures of gold is covered, from solid gold, to organometallic volatile gold compounds (used as ink) and printing of nanostructures. By studying the effect of different structural variations on each step of the process, it was possible to define what can make an ink suitable for the production of gold-containing 3D nanostructures. Hopefully, these observations will be an important contribution to understanding the nanoscale 3D printing process.



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