CIENS Water seminar - Experiances from China

China has for centuries struggled with eutrophication and has acquired much knowledge that will be of great value and benefit in order to understand the problem in Norway. We have therefore invited our main partners in the SinoTropia project to the seminar to share their experiences with us.


13:30      SINCIERE – Role of Sino-Norwegian environmental research cooperation
               Rigmor Johnsen (SINCIERE)

13:40      The SinoTropia project
               Professor R.D. Vogt (UiO-Chemistry)

13:55      The Research Progress and Comprehensive 
               - Treatment of Lake Eutrophication in China

               PhD Student Zhou Bin  (Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences)

14:10      Prediction of cyanobacterial bloom and harmful metabolites in reservoirs.
               Dr Su Ming (State Key Lab. of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry, RCEES, CAS)

14:30      Eutrophication Control and Coordinated
               - Development of Society-Economy-Environment

               Dr LI Meng – (Inst. of Urban & Environmental Studies, CASS)


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