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Environmental friendly actions at the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics encourages environmentally friendly actions in the daily work environment. This page collects information for all employees on a range of sustainable choices. 

Why make sustainable choices in the workplace?

The Paris Agreement signed in 2016 by 195 countries sets a target for pursuing efforts to limit temperature increase to at most 1.5 C above pre-industrial level.

The university as an institution generating knowledge has a special responsibility to embrace sustainable choices in the workplace. The Department of Mathematics and UiO encourage all employees to make environmentally friendly choices in their every day activity. More information about the work at UiO centered on environment is to be found in the strategy plan.

How to make sustainable choices in the workplace?

Below follow some guidelines and suggestions for environmentally friendly and sustainable choices.

Environmentally friendly travel

The Department of Mathematics encourages all employees to consider the following aspects when planning travels (including invitation of guests):

  1. Is the travel a necessity?

  2. Can the travel be replaced by video conference meeting? 

  3. Can you use different means of transportation than air travel? 

  4. Can several short trips be combined to one travel?

  5. Can you use alternative means of transportation to airplane one way? 

  6. Can you avoid appointing censors/opponents who must travel by air (see 2 above)? If not, perhaps you can prioritise a short travel for one of the opponents?

  7. Avoid planning internal meetings/seminars at destinations that are reached exclusively by air travel.

Further information about planning of job related travels and booking of train/bus tickets.  

Further actions: choose public transportation locally whenever possible. It is the most environmentally friendly choice and often the most reasonably priced one. If public transportation is not available, while in Oslo use for example UiOs elbilpool for related local travel. Choose electric vehicles whenever possible.


At the department there are 2 rooms equipped with video conference equipment: these are B700 and B1000. The equipment is easy to use, see also use user information from the sysadmin staff.

Try the rooms! Video conference is much easier to use than one may think!

More advanced video meetings such as long distance teaching or presentations in relation to conferences can also be arranged, possibly at other locations on campus. Contact the sysadmin staff for more information.

Sustainable choices in teaching and research 

The department will evaluate travel practices of its employees through surveys. The findings of the first survey will be published on this page as soon as they are clear. Based on these findings, the department will formulate concrete recommendations in order to reduce the number of air travels in 2020.

The department encourages its employees to familiarise themselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and adhere to them in their teaching and research activities, whenever relevant.

Other measures

Use the recycling facilities. See Grønt UiO for more information.

Bring your own cup to meetings.

Order (partly) vegetarian food in connection with meetings. Why not  order half the food vegetarian?

Do not throw leftovers into the bin. Offer them to others.  





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