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  • pseudotachylyte1-1038x576 The Documentary: "Pseudotachylyte" 26. feb. 2020

    Associate Professor of photography at the University of Plymouth, and documentary director, Heidi Morstang has made a documentary about a group of geo-scientist on field work in Nusfjord, including our prof. Luca Menegon. It is named "Pseudotachylyte". The documentary was screened at the renowned Bergen International Film Festival in 2019.

  • courmayeur_flickr02 Anniversary seminar on porous media in Courmayeur 5. feb. 2020

    To celebrate the 60 year anniversary of professor at Njord and Deputy Director of PoreLab SFF Knut Jørgen Måløy, PoreLab hosted a three day seminar in the Italian alps from January 27-30.

  • 1280px-myrdalsjokull_glacier_iceland_2005_3_350px Farlige vulkaner i verden 14. jan. 2020

    Med utgangspunkt i det pågående utbruddet til vulkanen Taal på Filippinene er vulkanekspert Olivier Galland intervjuet i P2/NRK om farlige vulkaner i verden. Hør radiointervjuet i Studio2, 13. januar 2020 om Taal-utbruddet, og om tre potensielt farlige vulkaner som ligger nær Norge.

  • mcbeck---img_1232 Jessica McBeck receives a Young Research Talent grant 20. des. 2019

    Christmas came early for Associate Professor Jess McBeck who received a research grant from the Research Council of Norway.

  • lasi-article-507px The LASI6 Conference – The physical geology of subvolcanic systems: laccoliths, sills and dykes 4. nov. 2019

    The 25-29 of November 2019 is the time for the sixth conference and workshop in the LASI network. Olivier Galland from GEO-PGP and The Njord Centre is the main organiser of the conference, which gather geoscientists from all the world. Venue is Malargüe in Argentina.