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25 nov.
Tid og sted: 25. nov. 201929. nov. 2019, Malargüe, Argentina

The LASI VI Workshop and conference will be held in Malargüe, Mendoza Province, Argentina, 25-26 November 2019. The theme for this years conference is “The physical geology of subvolcanic systems: laccoliths, sills and dykes”. 

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Tid og sted: 29. nov. 2019 10:0015:00, V414, Njord centre

This workshop brings together scientists who work on maturation and deformation processes in shales. It is funded through the project "Prometheus" in the framework of the program Petromaks 2 of the Norwegian Research Council.

This is a closed event

The EarthFlows research group. University of Oslo
Tid og sted: 6. des. 2019 13:1516:00, Room Kelvin V316, Fysikkbygningen

The EarthFlows research group is hosting a short winter seminar for its network members Friday 6th of December. Keynote speaker is Jerome Weiss from Institut des Sciences de la Terre, France.  The seminar is open for all interested. See the full programme here.