Njord Seminar Series spring '21

We are delighted to cordially invite you to Njord Seminar Series for the spring semester of 2021. 

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We have an exciting and diverse schedule, with interesting speakers and topics, and are very much looking forward to the talks. Due to the circumstances all talks in the series this semester will be taking place on Zoom, every Friday (except Easter) at 2PM CET.

Below you can see the schedule. The talks are 45 minutes long, with 10-15 minutes allocated for questions and discussion at the end. After some of the talks there will be a smaller discussion group for those especially interested in the topic. If you have interest in joining this for any of the talks on the schedule, please get in contact with the listed Njord-host who will be organizing this. 

Recordings of some of the seminars is available upon request, get in contact with Mino.

Date Confirmed speaker Title of talk Njord-host Recording
January 22 Carl Fredrik Berg (NTNU) Wettability and efficiency of quasi-static displacements Eirik Flekkøy  
January 29 Pascal Lacroix (ISTerre) Life and death of slow-moving landslides François Renard  
February 5 Marie Violay (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Mechanical behavior of fluid-induced earthquakes

Fabian Barras  
February 12 Seth Saltiel (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) What do subglacial earthquakes tell us about basal conditions and mechanics?: an experimental exploration of ice slip on soft beds Jessica Ann McBeck  
February 19 Susanne Hangx (Utrecht University)

The importance of understanding fluid-rock interactions for geo-energy storage and production: learnings from CO2 storage

François Renard Available upon request
February 26 Åke Fagereng (Cardiff University)

Effects of heterogeneity on fault slip behavior

Luca Menegon Available upon request
March 5 Anne Pluymakers (University of Delft) Fluid-limestone interactions: a rock mechanics approach Jessica Ann McBeck  
March 12 Ramin Aghababaei (Aarhus University)

Micromechanics of surface asperities fracture during sliding contact

Fabian Barras Available upon request
March 19 Jonathan Bamber (University of Bristol) A Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling approach to solve for sea level, global mass movement and solid Earth deformation simultaneously François Renard Available upon request
April 9 Elsa Bayart (Laboratoire de Physique of ENS Lyon) Solid friction: heterogeneities and rupture arrest François Renard Available upon request
April 16 Neal Iverson (Iowa State University) A slip law for glaciers François Renard Available upon request
April 23 Irene Manzella (University of Plymouth)

Volcanoes, landslides and tsunamis: a numerical study of the 2019 Stromboli events

Luca Menegon Available upon request
April 30 Stefanos Papanikolaou (National Center of Nuclear Reseasch, Poland) From statistical features to mechanical yielding in digital image correlation and surface strain maps Luiza Angheluta Available upon request
May 7 Jay Fineberg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) How Friction Starts: Nucleation fronts initiate frictional motion François Renard Available upon request



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