Dr. Matti Nykter

Dr. Matti Nykter, Professor at the Tampere University, Finland, will present the lecture "Computational analysis to understand aberrant gene expression and treatment induced responses in prostate cancer."

Meet the speaker

If you want to meet Dr. Matti Nykter, please book a time slot at https://doodle.com/poll/dfra45k43fd3846a and send an email to anthony.mathelier@ncmm.uio.no.


By computational analysis of multi level high throughput sequencing data, we have studied the deadly castration resistant form of the prostate cancer, progression to castration resistance, and treatment resistance mechanisms in late stage disease. We have generated genome, epigenome, transcriptome sequencing and mass spectrometry based proteome data from a cohort of frozen tissues.

I will present how we have used chromatin characterization methods to gain insight into regulation of aberrant gene expression in disease progression. I will describe details of our computational analysis flow to characterize chromatin state aberrations and their interactions with genome, DNA methylation, and transcriptome. I will discuss how we use these interactions to uncover regulatory networks driving the disease progression.

In the second part of the talk, I will  present our computational approach for analysis of circulating tumor DNA from metastatic prostate cancer patients. Here our recent work has shed insights into treatment resistance mechanisms based on utilization of circulating tumor DNA, collected before and after treatment.

Junior talk

Dr. Miriam Ragle Aure, Researcher, Department of Medical Genetics, UiO, will present her work on the "Crosstalk between miRNA expression and DNA methylation in breast cancer."

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