Dr. Wilbert Zwart

Dr. Wilbert Zwart, Group Leader at The Netherlands Cancer Institute, will present the lecture "Functional epigenomics in prostate cancer: for basic biology to clinical trials, and back again."


Prostate cancer is dictated by the Androgen Receptor (AR); a hormone-driven transcription factor that drives tumorigenesis and progression. Due to the direct dependency on AR action, multiple therapeutic options have been developed to block the transcriptional activity of the receptor, and effectively block tumor cell proliferation. However, treatment resistance presents a major clinical problem, and deeper mechanistic understanding of processes that drive tumor growth despite AR blockade, is urgently needed. In this seminar, I will describe our recent work in two clinical trials, in which we study epigenomic plasticity in prostate cancer, and how this drives treatment resistance and possibly presents novel therapeutic opportunities.

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Junior talk

Jørgen Ankill, PhD candidate at the Department of Cancer Genetics, Oslo University Hospital, will present the talk "Epigenetic alterations at distal enhancers are linked to proliferation in human breast cancer."

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