EFFIPRO (completed)

EFFIcient and robust fuel cell with novel ceramic PROton conducting electrolyte

EFFIPRO is a collaborative project under the EC’s 7th Framework Programme (Energy). The goal of the project is to develop stable and robust electrolytes and electrodes for proton conducting fuel cells. The project aims towards having proton conducting ceramic fuel cells available by 2020 and and to develop  a dominating fuel cell technology. EFFIPRO is led by Professor Truls Norby.

Project duration: 2009.05.01 - 2012.04.30

About the project

EFFIPRO (Efficient and robust fuel cell with novel ceramic proton conducting electrolyte) takes advantage of the superior efficiency of the ceramic proton conducting fuel cell by developing novel electrolytes and electrodes that are more chemically and mechanically stable and robust than their predecessors.

EFFIPRO will develop electrolytes and electrodes for proton conducting solid oxide fuel cells (PC-SOFCs) based on novel LaNbO4-type and similar proton conducting oxides.

The project aims to improve proton conductivity through doping strategies and interface engineering, investigating new classes of stable proton conducting oxides, and developing technologies for thin film electrolytes on suitable substrates. It is the goal that PC-SOFCs will be available by 2020, accelerate the use of fuel cells, reduce CO2 emissions, and increase efficiency by 10% where applied, promote the hydrogen society, and be a dominating fuel cell technology.

Early applications expectedly comprise distributed power as well as auxiliary and general power needs in heavy transportation (ships, trucks) based on hydrogen or on-board reformed fossil fuels.

EFFIPRO has now concluded its work, and a full executive summary of its achievements and results will be available here as soon as it's approved by the European Commission.

The summary of the first half of the project period can be found here.


The project comprises seven partners from both research instituitions and the industry.

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Professor Truls Eivind Norby

Visiting address
Gaustadalleen 21
Hus 3, plan 2

Postal address
Gaustadalleen 21
N-0349 Oslo

Administrative Officer
Jørgen Kirksæther
Telephone: +47 22 85 43 28

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