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  • alf-bjorseths-pris-660 Henrik Hovde Sønsteby er tildelt Alf Bjørseths inspirasjonspris 18. juni 2018 18:00
    En gjev pris er gitt til Sønstebys arbeid for blyfri-elektronikk.
  • bilde-kina The Silicon Road – Chinese-Norwegian partnership in photovoltaics 16. mai 2018 11:16

    The Chinese company Jinko Solar is currently the world’s largest producer of solar panels, and it manufactures the solar cells with the highest efficiency. Jinko Solar is also a key partner in the INTPART-project SiNorAPV: Sino-Norwegian Alliance in Photovoltaics, coordinated by Prof. Andrej Kuznetsov at the Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN), UiO. SiNorAPV is now looking for MSc- and PhD-students from UiO, NTNU, NMBU and UiA, who would like to spend a two-week internship this summer at the Jinko Solar factory near Shanghai. Five internships are available in 2018, the call can be found here.