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Staff - Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN)

The list contains 93 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aarholt, Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow +47 92855828 (mob) SMN
Alnes, Mari Endresen Head of Office
Amedi, Salah Bra Research Assistant
Amundsen, Monika PhD student - Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) SMN
Andersen, Håkon Researcher
Arntzen, Anne Margit Head of Office +47 22857398 SMN
Bathen, Marianne Etzelmüller +47 99107859 (mob) SMN
Bazioti, Kalliopi Researcher +47 92020363 (mob) SMN
Bergum, Kristin Researcher +47 22840937 +47 97502978 (mob) LENS, SMN
Bonkerud, Julie Student +47 41476511 (mob) SMN
Both, Kevin Gregor Doctoral Research Fellow +47 45064977 (mob)
Brennhagen, Anders Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46947610 (mob) 46947610
Cavallo, Carmen Researcher
Chatzitakis, Athanasios Researcher 45150893 SMN
Cordero Lanzac, Tomas Researcher +3465503978 (mob) Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Cui, Xuemei Higher Executive Officer +47 22840664 +47 45171229
Das, Supti Researcher
Dayaghi, Amir Masoud Researcher +47 22840657 +47-48678230 SMN
Firth, Daniel Postdoctoral Researcher +47 92981756 (mob) Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry
Fjellvåg, Asbjørn Slagtern Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855562 +47 46815288 (mob)
Fjellvåg, Ingrid Marie Bakke Doctoral Research Fellow +47 97516354 (mob)
Fleischer, Christian Student 45275583 SMN, Chemistry, 2D Materials, Photoelectrochemistry, Supercapacitors
Frodason, Ymir Kalmann Researcher Materials science, Semiconductor physics, Defects, Atomistic modeling, DFT, Renewable energy
Frøen, Emil Herman Doctoral Research Fellow
Galeckas, Augustinas Researcher +47 22852828 +47 96830789 (mob) SMN, LENS